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We all should! I finally just did this for my sankei kits! Now I need to do it for the trains, then the tomytec!



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I've always kept a list of train  purchases and from time to time a other lists like a  list of Greenmax kits.

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I have just a little bit more time on my hands lately and in the foreseeable future so now I can give my trains a little more attention.  I pulled out my Japanese Steam locomotive fleet and they're not from any particular era or region, just what I like and wanted.  All are Kato except for one, probably hard to tell by the pictures but can anyone guess which one.  I will give one clue - it's a C5? . 🙂







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Love that lineup Junior, you gotta get a kato turntable and roundhouse now to do a proper stable photo!

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Yeah, maybe when I get a chance I'll go to the club in Crocket and do a photo session in their roundhouse.  Hmmm, been thinking about the Kato Roundhouse actually. 

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A useful thread, this - good way of keeping track of what you have at a specific point in time. Though I've found a spreadsheet works better for a growing collection personally, I took that approach with my Marklin H0 scale stock and will probably have to do the same with my N scale stock before too much longer too!


Right, my fleet as it currently stands:


- Kato C11 2-6-4T (2021)

- Kato DD51 Bo-2-Bo (7002-3, JR Hokkaido) (x2)*

- Kato ED75-100 Bo-Bo (JNR Red, no box)

- Kato ED75-1000 Bo-Bo (3009-5, JR Freight trial scheme)


Passenger Cars (all Kato)

- Kani 24 generator car (no box, interior lights)

- Sushi 25 dining car (no box, interior lights)

- Ohane 25 sleeping car (but the interior looks more like a normal coach to me...; no box, interior lights)

- Oha 31 26 (5001-9)*


Freight cars

- Tomix Wamu 80000 box wagon (2714)*

- Tomix Komu 1 flat deck (2718)

- Tomix Chi 1 flat deck (2721)

- Tomix Tora 145000 ( 2726)

- Popondetta Tora 45000 (7108)

- Kato Toki 15000 (8001)*

- Kato Suyu 40 postal box wagon (8005, wrong case)

- Kato Wara 1 box wagons (8025)

- Kato Tora 45000 gondolas (8027-1) (x2)

- Kato Wamu 90000 box wagons (8029)

- Kato Wafu 29500 brake van (8030)


Anything with an asterisk against it is currently waiting to ship from Japan... one DD51, one passenger car, and two freight cars.

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JR 500系
Posted (edited)

Yeah that sorts of reminds me to update my roster list, so here goes....



Tomix 92624 100 series Tokaido/ Sanyo Shinkansen 7-car set

Tomix 92823 100 series Sanyo Shinkansen KODAMA (Fresh Green Color) 

Tomix 92852/ 53 200 series Tohoku/ Joetsu  Shinkansen Renewal Colour 6+4 car set

Tomix 98603/ 04 200 Tohoku Shinkansen (Unit H) 6+3 Car Set

Tomix 92808 300 series Tokaido/ Sanyo Shinkansen 6-car basic set

Tomix 92796 400 series Yamagata Shinkansen 'Tsubasa' Old Painting 7-car set

Tomix 98948 500-7000 series Sanyo Shinkansen All Line 40th Anniversary Kansanger Painting 8-car set

Tomix 98959 500-7000 series Sanyo Shinkansen Limited Edition 'EVA Type 500' 8-car set 

Tomix 98662 500-7000 series Sanyo Shinkansen Limited Edition 'HELLO KITTY Type 500' 8-car set 

Tomix 97929 [Limited Edition] J.R. Series 700-0 Arigatou Tokaido Shinkansen Series 700 16-car FULL Set 

Tomix 92822 700-7000 Sanyo SHINKANSEN `Hikari Rail Star` 8-Car Set

Tomix 92486/87 N700-1000 series Tokaido/ Sanyo Shinkansen N700A 4+4 car set

Tomix 98925 N700-8000 series Kyushu/ Sanyo Shinkansen Kumamon/ Kurochan 8-car set

Tomix 92059 E1 series Tohoku/ Joetsu Shinkansen 'MAX' Old Colour 6-car set

Tomix 92360/ 61/ 92577 E2-1000 series Tohoku Shinkansen 'Hayate'/ 'Yamabiko' 3+4+3 car set

Tomix 92725 E3 series Tohoku/ Akita Shinkansen 'Komachi' 6-car set

Tomix 92804 E3-1000 series Yamagata Shinkansen 'Tsubasa' 7-car set

Tomix 92564/ 65 E3-2000 series Yamagata Shinkansen 'Tsubasa' New Colour 3+4 car set

Tomix 98623 J.R. E3-700 Joetsu Shinkansen - Genbi Shinkansen

Tomix 92764/ 67 E4 series Tohoku/ Joetsu Shinkansen 'MAX' OLD colour 6+2 car set

Tomix 92548/ 49 E4 series Joetsu Shinkansen 'MAX' NEW colour 4+4 car set

Tomix 92501/ 02 E5 series Tohoku Shinkansen 'Hayabusa' 4+6 car set

Tomix 92489/ 90 E6 series Tohoku/ Akita Shinkansen 'Super Komachi' 3+4 car set

Tomix 92530/ 31 E7 series Hokuriku Shinkansen 'Kagayaki', 'Hakutaka', 'Asama', 'Tsurugi' 3+3 car set

Tomix 98615 800-2000 Kyushu Shinkansen Series Set 6-Cars

Tomix 97915 - Kyushu Shinkansen Series 800-1000 U9set "JR KYUSHU WAKU WAKU TRIP SHINKANSEN" (Mickey and Minnie / 6 car set)

Kato 057965 Suica Tohoku Shinkansen Series E2 `Your Place` Suica`s Penguin Wrapping Shinkansen (10-Car Set) (Full Unit) 

Kato 10-937 E3-700 series Yamagata Shinkansen 'Toreiyu Tsubasa' 6-car set

Kato 10-896/ 897 Type 923-3000 'Doctor Yellow' Inspection Train 3+4 car set

MicroAce A8470 Series E926 Electric & Track Comprehensive Car East-i 6-Car Set

MicroAce A1157 Shinkansen Type 922-0 Electric Test Cars First Remodeling 4-Car Set



JR Limted Express Trains:

Kato 10-847/ 848 E259 series Narita Express N'EX 3+3 car set

Kato Kyoto Store Exclusive E259 series N'EX Odoriko 6-car set

Kato 10-177 251 series Super View Odoriko Old Colour 6-car set

Kato 10-1367 HB-E300 series 'Resort Shirakami' (Aoike Formation) 4-car set

Kato 10-1463 HB-E300 series `Resort Shirakami` (Buna Formation) 4-car set

Kato 10-1368 HB-E300 series `Resort View Furusato` 2-Car Set 

Kato 10-1369 HB-E300 series 'Resort Asunaro' 2-car set

Kato 10-944 651-1000 series `Izu Craile` Style 4-Car Set 

Kato 10-1522/ 1533 Series E353 `Azusa/Kaiji` 4+5 car set

Kato 10-358 E351 series Super-Azusa 8-car set

Kato 10-1123/ 4935 E655 series Nagomi with Emperor Car 5+ 1 car set

Kato 10-1397/ 98 JR East Series E657 `Hitachi, Tokiwa`  10-car set

Kato 10-433/ 434 E257 series Azusa/ Kaiji 7+4-car set

Kato 10-1282 E257-500 Boso Limited Express 5-car set

Kato 10-1382 285-0 series Sunrise Express (JR West) 7-car set

Kato 10-1506 287 series Panda Kuroshio `Smile Adventure Train` 6-Car Set

Kato 10-385 281 series Kansai Airport Express Haruka 6-car set

Kato 10-1451 Series 381 `Yuttari Yakumo` 6-car set

Kato 10-558/ 559 383 series Wide View Shinano 6 + 4 car set (separate formations) TOTAL 2 MOTORS, 1 IN EACH

Kato 10-316 Kiha-85 Hida Wide View 7-car set

Kato 10-1404 Kiha 85 Series (Wide View Hida, Wide View Nanki) 4-Car Basic Set

Kato 10-1503 J.R. Shikoku Series 2000 Limited Express `Nanpu` 4-Car Basic Set

Kato 10-1394 885 Series (2nd-Batch) -Around the Kyushu- 6-Car Set

Kato 10-590 787 Series -Around the Kyushu 6-Car Set

Kato 10-1475 Series 883 `Sonic` Renewaled Car (Third Edition) 7-car set

Tomix 98612 JR 189 Series Train (M50 Formation, Azusa Color) 6-Car Set (HG SET)

Tomix 92956 583 series Spur & Resort Limited edition 6-car set

Tomix 98011 Kiha 187-500 'Super Inaba' 2-car set

Tomix 98950 Series 373 `Iidasen Hikyoekigo` (Iida Line Unexplored Station Train) 3-car Set 

Tomix 92424 Series 373 Limited Express Train Set 3-car set

Tomix 98259 JR West 223-5000 Series `Marine Liner` Set A 5-Car Set

Tomix 92310 JR Kyushu KiHa-71 Series Limited Express Yufuin no Mori I (After Update) (HG SET)

MicroAce A2270 Series 485 Joyful Train Hana style 6-car set

MicroAce A2271 Series 485 Joyful Train Yamanami style 4-car set

MicroAce A2272 Series 485 Joyful Train Seseragi style 4-car set

MicroAce A2273 Series 485 Joyful Train Zipangu style 4-car set

MicroAce A7090 Series 485 Joyful Train Irodori 6-car set

MicroAce A6482 Series KIYA95 `Doctor Tokai` Two Unit Increased Pantograph 3-Car Set

MicroAce A0740 Series 255 First Edition Limited Express 'View Wakashio' 9-car set

MicroAce A6070 Kiha 47-7000 'Setouchi Marine View' 2-car set

MicroAce A6463 KIHA48 `Resort Shirakami` `Kumagera` orignal 3-car set

MicroAce A8660 Kiha 48 View Coaster 'Kazeko' Winter Style 2-car set

MicroAce A6075 KIHA47-2000 `Misuzu Shiosai` 2-Car Set

MicroAce A6466 KIHA-48 Resort 'UmiNeko' 5-car set 

MicroAce A6464 KIHA-48 Resort 'Minori' 3-car set 

MicroAce A0377 Series 783 Midori/Huis Ten Bosch 8-Cars Set  (separate formations) TOTAL 2 MOTORS, 1 IN EACH

MicroAce A3665 Series 783 Limited Express `Huis Ten Bosch` New Color 4-car set

MicroAce A6074 Series KIHA140+47 `Isaburo / Shinpei` with Additional Car (3-Car Set) 

MicroAce A6071 Series Kiha140 Limited Express `Hayato-no-Kaze (Wind of Hayato)` (3-Car Set)

MicroAce A7890 Series Kiha72 Limited Express `Yufuin No Mori` 4-Car Set

MicroAce A6073 Kiha47 Ibusuki no Tamatebako 2-car Set

MicroAce A8383 Series KIHA185/Trans-Kyushu Limited Express/Increased Light 2-car set

MicroAce A3475 Shikoku Series 2000 + Series N2000 Limited Express `Nanpu`+`Uzushio` 7-Car Set TOTAL 2 MOTORS

MicroAce A3374 J.R. West Series 223-9000 & Series 213 `U@tech` Style 3-Car Set

GreenMax 30586 E653-1000 Series Inaho (w/Headmark) 7-car Set 



Private Railway Trains:

Kato 10-162 Kintetsu 21000 series Urban Liner 6-car set

Kato Roundhouse 16011-9 Echigo TOKImeki Railway [3 Cities Flowers] (ET122-8)  1-car set

Kato 10-1561 Aoimori Tetsudo Series 701 2-Car Set

Tomix 98695 Kintetsu Railway 80000 Series Hinotori 6-car set

Tomix 98934 Kintetsu 50000 series Shimakaze Limited Edition 6-car set

Tomix 92598 Kintetsu 30000 series 'Vista-Ex' Old Colour 4-car set

Tomix 98275 Kintetsu 30000 series `Vista EX` New Color 4-car set

Tomix 98694 Keisei Electric Railway Type AE (Skyliner) 8-Car Set

Tomix 98062 Hisatsu Orange Railway Type HSOR-100 (Kumamon Wrapping No.1 / Orange-chan) 2-carSet

Tomix 98063 Hisatsu Orange Railway Type HSOR-100A (Kumamon Wrapping No.2 / No.3) Set 2-car set 

Tomix 98357 Sagami Railway Series 12000 4-car basic set

Tomix 92754 Odakyu Electric Railway Type 50000 series VSE 10-car set

Tomix 98658 Odakyu Electric Railway Romancecar Series 70000 GSE (1st Formation) Set 7-Car Set

Tomix 92669 Odakyu Electric Railway Type 4000 Standard Set 4+6 cars FULL formation Set

MicroAce A7570/ 71 Okakyu Rommance Car Type 60000 MSE 6+4 car set

MicroAce A6594/ 95 Odakyu EXE 30000 series 6+4 car set

MicroAce A6661 Kintetsu 21000 series Iseshima Liner Seat Number Sign 6-Car Set

MicroAce A3785 Odakyu Type 8000 `Event Car Paint`4-Car Set

GreenMax 50658 Exclusive Product Meitetsu 2000 Series Evangelion Special Design Myusukai 4-Car Set

GreenMax 50623 Kintetsu Series 16200 `Blue Symphony` 3-Car Set

GreenMax 50661 Kintetsu Series 2013 Sightseeing Train `Tsudoi` After Renewal  3-Car Set

GreenMax 50008 Kintetsu 21020 series Urban Liner NEXT 50th Anniversary 6-car set

GreenMax 50511 Kinki Nippon Railway Series 15400 Club Tourism (w/Motor) 2-car set

GreenMax 30637 Kintetsu Series 16600 (New Color) `Ace' Basic 2-Car Set

GreenMax 4503/ 4504 Kintetsu 16400 ACE time of debut 2+2 car set

GreenMax 30188 Kintetsu 12200 Series (Snack Car, Updated Car) 2-car set 

GreenMax 50593 Kintetsu 3220 Series (KYOTO-NARA Wrapping) 6-car set

GreenMax 4078 Kintetsu Series 5200 Four Car Formation Set  4-car set

GreenMax 4706 Tokyu Corporation Series 5050-4000 Shibuya Hikarie Go 4-car set

GreenMax 50504 Odakyu Type 1000 (Unit #1051) 4-car set

GreenMax 30592 Odakyu Class 1000 RED 4-car set

GreenMax 50518 Odakyu Type KUYA31 `Techno-Inspector` One Car (Trailer Only) 

GreenMax 4585 Odakyu Electric Railway Type 3000 8/9th Edition Brand Mark  4-car set

GreenMax 50650 Odakyu Type 8000 Class (Enoshima Line Service Started 90th Anniversary Train) 6-car set

Modemo NP501 Odakyu Romance Car Type 20000 RSE 'Asagiri' 7-car set

Tetsudo-Hobidas/ GreenMax 'Kotchan' Kotoden 2-car set



Loco-pulled Trains/ Cruise Trains & Locomotives:

Kato 10-1447 [Limited Edition GOLD] Type E001 `Train Suite Shiki-shima` 10-Car Set

Kato 10-1519 Limited Edition Cruise Train [Seven Stars in Kyushu] Locomotive + 7 car set

Kato 10-1570 (Limited Edition) Series 87 Twilight Express Mizukaze 10-car set

Kato 3066/ 10-869/ 10-870 Limited Express Sleeping Cars Series 24 `Twilight Express`  Locomotive+6+4 car set

Kato 10-1534 Limited Edition Diesel Locomotive Type DE10 J.R. Kyushu Railway 2-car set

Tomix 98933 Limited Edition SL Ben'etsu Mono-gatari C57-120 + series 12 Observation carriages

Tomix 2236 DE10-1000 (DE10-1152) + Tomix 98295 J.R. Coaches Series 12/24 `Kinokuni SEA SIDE` 5-car set

Tomix 92409 J.R. Electric Locomotive Type EF510 + Ltd. Exp. Sleeping Cars Series E26 `Cassiopeia` 6-car set

Tomix 9127 EF81 Cassiopeia Colour Electric Locomotive

Tomix 2112 EF66 JR Freight Colour Electric Locomotive

MicroAce DE10-1524 Red belonging to A0306

GreenMax 4783 Ballast Regulator KSP2002E Plasser & Theurer Pure Color (w/Motor)

Kato 10-1418/ 19 M250 Series Super Rail Cargo (New Design Container) 4 + 4 car set



Rapid/ Sub-Urban Trains:

Kato 10-495 E217 series 8-car set

Kato Roundhouse 10-936 Kiha-110 Series Tohoku Emotion colour 3-car set

Tomix 98069 Kiha-100 'Pokemon with You' Livery 2-car set 

Tomix 90171 225-0 series Shin-Kaisoku from SD Basic Set - Traded from Junior

Tomix 92369/ 92371/ 92372/ 8924 E231-1000 Series Shonan-Shinjuku-Tokaido Line 3+3+2+1+1 car set

Tomix 98958 JR KiHa 40 Series (KiHa 40 Niigata Color, Blue, KiHa 48 Tadami Enmusubi)  2-car set

Tomix 9428 J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA40-2000 Coach `Belles montagnes et mer` 1-car set

MicroAce A7662 Series 209 Omiya Training Centre Training Car 2-car set

MicroAce A7490 Series E721-0 4-car set

MicroAce A6772 KIHA E130   2-Car Set

MicroAce A6773 KIHA E131 + KIHA E132    2-Car Set

MicroAce A7441 KIHA E120 Old Color (Orange)    2-car Set

MicroAce A8147 Series 719-700 Fruitea Train 2-car set

MicroAce A4511 Series 115-800 Shonan Colour 4-car set

GreenMax 30072 KIHA-75 series Second Edition Rapid Train `Mie` 4-Car Set



Commuter Local line Trains:

Kato 10-1399 E231-500 series (Sumikko Gurashi x Yamanotesen) Wrapping Train (Specially Planned Item) 11-Car Set

Kato 10-934 E231-500 series Rillakuma Special Yamanote Line 3-car set

Kato 10-1468/ 69/ 70 E235 Series Yamanote Line 4+4+3 car set

Kato 10-1159 E233-1000 series Keihin-Tohoku Line 3+3+4 FULL 10 car set

Kato 10-862 E233-5000 series Keiyo Line 6-car set

Kato 10-1630 E233-7000 series Saikyo Line 6-car set

Kato 10-1461 Series E231-500 Chuo-Sobu Line Basic 6-Car Set

Kato 10-1417 209-500 series Musashino Line 8-Car Set

Kato 10-920 205-1100 series Tsurumi Line 3-car set

Kato 10-494 205-3000 series Hachiko Line 4-car set

Kato 10-481 [Limited Edition] Series 205 Saikyo Line Color < KATO TRAIN > 10-car set

Kato 10-1494 E231-3000 series Hachiko Line/Kawagoe Line (4-Car Set)

Kato 10-922 205-3100 series Senseki Line 'Mangattan Liner II' 4-car set

Kato 10-424 211-3000 series Tokaido Line/ Ryomo Line 4-car set

Kato 4151 series 211-0 series Tokaido Line/ Ryomo Line 6-car set

Kato 10-1425 Series 211-2000 Nagano Color 6-Car Set

Kato 10-1287 313-1700 series iida Line 3-car set 

Kato 10-587 313-2500 series 3-car set 

Kato 10-1379 313-5000 series [Special Rapid Service] 3-car set

Kato 10-1383 313-300 Series (Tokaido Main Line) 2-Car Add-on set (No motor)

Kato 10-1165 KIHA110 (KIHA111-100 + KIHA112-100) 2-car Basic set 

Kato 10-1166  KIHA110 (KIHA111-100 + KIHA112-100) 2-car add-on set (No motor)

Kato 6043 KIHA 110-100 Motor car single carriage 

Kato 10-1371 Kiha 25-1000 series Takayama main Line, Taita Line 2-car set

Kato 10-582 E127-100 series Otio Line (A9 formation) 2-car set

Kato 10-593 E127-100 series Oito Line (1 Pantograph Style) (A2 formation) 2-Car Set

Kato 10-1553 Series 701-1000 Sendai Color 4-Car Set

Kato 10-1556 Series 701-1000 Morioka Color 2-Car Set

Kato 10-1395 521 series (2nd Batch) 2-car set

Kato 10-1395 521 series (2nd Batch) 2-car set

Kato 10-906 475 series Hokuriku Line Type 3-car set

Kato 10-813 JR Kyushu 813-200 Series 3-Car Set

Kato 10-814 JR Kyushu 813-200 Series Fukuhoku Yutaka Line 3-Car Set

Tomix 98334 Series 209-1000 (Chuo Line) Basic 4-Car Set

Tomix 98643 Series 209-2200 `Boso Bicycle Base` Set 6-Car Set

Tomix 98628 Series 209-2100 (Boso Area Color/Unit 6) 6-Car Set

Tomix 92297/ 98 209-500 series Sobu Line 4+4+2 car set

Tomix 92336/ 37/ 38 E233-0 Chuo Line Unit-T 3+4+3 car set

Tomix 92571 E233-2000 Joban/ Chioyoda Line 4-car basic set

Tomix 92535/ 36 E233-6000 series Yokohama Line 4+4 car set

Tomix 92883 E233-8000 series Nambu Line 6-car set

Tomix 98235 E501 series (Mito Line) 5-car Set

Tomix 98030 J.R. Suburban Train Series 313-2350 Set 2-Car Set

Tomix 98622 JR 313-8000 Series Suburb Train (Central Liner) 6-car Set 

Tomix 98230 JR 323 Series Commuting Train (Osaka Kanjo Line) Basic Set 3-Cars

Tomix 98010 Kiha-120 Otio Line 2-car set

Tomix 98986 [Limited Edition] J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA120-300 (Sanko Line/Sanko Line Kagurago) Set 2-Car Set

Tomix 9407 KIHA 40-2000 Coach (West Japan Railway Renewaled Design/Takaoka Area Color) (Trailer only no motor)

Tomix 9435 J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA40-500 (Renewaled Car/Gonoh Line) M-car

Tomix 9436 J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA40-500 (Renewaled Car/Gonoh Line) T-car

Tomix 98054 J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA40-2000 (Kitaro Train/Neko Musume Train) 2-car set

Tomix 98055 J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA47-2000 (Sunakake Babaa Train/Konaki Jijii Train) Set

Tomix 98056 J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA40-2000 (Nezumi Otoko Train/Medama-oyaji Train) 2-car Set

Tomix 98946 [Limited Edition] J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA66/67 (HUIS TEN BOSCH Color) 2-Car Set

Tomix 98050 J.R. Diesel Train Type KIHA47-0 (Aqua Liner Color) 2-Car Set

MicroAce A8760 Series 205-500 Sagami Line Time of Debut Toyoda Train Depot 4-car set

MicroAce A2792 Series 311 Single Arm Pantograph 4-car set

MicroAce A2660 Series 213 Time of Debut 2-car set

MicroAce A8626 Kiha-40-2118 Update Car Third Generation Kitaro Train

MicroAce A7790 Kiha 40-2118 Update Car Fourth Generation Kitaro Train

MicroAce A0704 Kiha47-500/1500 series New Niigata Color 2-car set (bought for Hayato no Kaze replacement motor) NO MOTOR

MicroAce A6731 JR Kyushu Series 811-1500 4-car set

MicroAce A7887 Kiha-32 Tetsudo Hobby Train

GreenMax 50582 103 series `Osaka Power Loop` Eight Car Formation Set 8-Car Set

GreenMax 30776 J.R. Kyushu Series BEC819 (Dencha) (w/Motor) 2-car set

GreenMax 30216 JR Kyushu 817-3000 Series Basic 3-car set

GreenMax 4001 J.R. Diesel Train Type Kiha200 `200DC Red Rapid` 2-Car Set

GreenMax 4002 J.R. Diesel Train Type Kiha200 `Seaside Liner` 2-Car Set

GreenMax 4003 J.R. Diesel Train Type Kiha200 `Nanohana` 2-Car Set

GreenMax 4216 J.R. Diesel Train Type Kiha200 `Huis Ten Bosch` 2-Car Motor Set

GreenMax 4216 J.R. Diesel Train Type Kiha200 `Huis Ten Bosch` 2-Car Add-on Set

GreenMax 4367 J.R. Diesel Train Type Kiha220-200 `Red Rapid` 2-Car Set

GreenMax 4369 J.R. Diesel Train Type Kiha220-200 `Seaside Liner` 1-Car Trailer Set

GreenMax 30287 J.R. Kyushu Diesel Train Kiha 220-200 (Sea Side Liner) 2-car set

GreenMax 30589 J.R. Type KIHA110 (KIHA110-200, Oikotto) Oykot 2-car set

GreenMax 50588 J.R. Type KIHA110-200 (Iyama Line Four Seasons Wrapping) (w/Motor)

GreenMax 1028T [Limited Edition] J.R. Type KIHA110 `Akita Relay Go` Style Toral Set 2-Car Set (with Motor) 



Trams and street Cars

Kato 14-801-8 Toyama Light Rail TLR0605 (Toyama Green Tram)

Kato 14-801-1 Toyama Light Rail TLR0601 (Red)

Kato 14-071-1 Hiroshima Electric Railway Type 200 `Hannover` Tram (Power Unit Improved Product)

Modemo NT87 Keifuku Electric Railway Type Mobo 101, `Yuko-go`

Modemo NT129 Keifuku Electric Railway Type MOBO101 `Randen Pat Train`

Modemo NT143 Tokyo Toden 8800 Class "Yellow" 

Tomix 5594 Car Loaded Camera System (E233-3000 Series) 3-Cars + 10-1269 E233-3000 add-on 2 car set 


*List includes pre-orders that have yet to be released.... 

Edited by JR 500系
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Posted (edited)

-JNR C62 23
-JNR D51 611
-JNR D51 829


-JNR EF13 28


-JNR 50 002
-JNR 54 002

-JNR 56 002
-JNR 61 004
-JNR 67 905


-33 465 (Brown)
-35 1119 (Brown)


-12000 (Re) (1x)
-45000 (Tora) (2x)
-50000 (Waki) (4x)

Edited by Steve

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Long overdue as I’ve thinned out my collection several times over the years.


Going to be acquiring some more new models (Kato ICE 4 / Kato Thalys PBA) so underlined models are ones I’m probably going to sell and move on from to make room.

Graham Farish


Class 220 Virgin Voyager (4 car)

Class 251 Blue Pullman (6 car)



B.R Class 9F Evening Star (Loco)

B.R Class A3 Flying Scotsman (Loco)

B.R Class 7P Tornado (Loco)


Kato (European)


Class 373 Eurostar (8 car)

Series 101 Euromed (10 car)

TGV Reseau (10 car)


Kato Japan


Series 259 Narita Express (6 car)

Series 281 Haruka Express (6 car)

Series 651-1000 Swallow Akagi (7 car)

Series 885 1st Edition / ATK (6 car)

Series 787 ATK (6 car)

800 Shinkansen (Sakura/Tsubame - 6 car)

500 Shinkansen Nozomi (16 car)

E2-1000 Shinkansen Hayate (10 car)

I have a few more stashed away at my parents house...more to dig through 🤨



Edited by GCS

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In awe of some of the collections here! My roster is made up for 20 trains:


Shinkansen and high speed

Tomix 0 Series (12 car)

Kato E4 Series (8 car)

Kato E5 series (10 car)

Kato 800 Series (6 car)

Kato Eurostar (16 car)


Express and Tourist trains

Kato E001

Kato 251 Super View Odoriko (original livery)

Kato 651 Series Swallow Akagi

Tomytec Eizan Electric Car Series 700 Sightseeing Train `Hiei`

Bachmann Santa Fe F7 & F8 (10 car)



Kato E321 Series (10 car)

Kato 103 Series (3 car, emerald)

Modemo Keifuku Mobo 621 (1 car, purple)

Modemo Keifuku Mobo 101 (2 car, purple)



Tomix C57

Atheran Big Boy

Bachmann Norfolk & Western J Class

Bachmann Jupiter 4-4-0



Kato ED16

Arnold DRG Class E 94 (Crocodile)


I think that's all the trains I want to get for now, but there are two trains I'd really like to have:

Series 500 Evo (if it's every brought out again)

Series E956 Alfa-X prototype (if it's ever made)


Here's a link to my layout and collection as it currently stands! 


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Well I've not posted my N gauge roster before, but here goes. All stock is Kato  unless otherwise stated. I generally try to buy completed trains and run the longer ones on rental layouts in my local area that have room for 16 car shinkansens etc.. I  have various loose coaches and wagons, way too much to list individually so this list consists of just my book case sets, locos or stock of notable interest.




O series 16 car

100 series "Super Hikari" 16 car

500 series "Nozomi" 16 car

700 series "Nozomi" 16 car

N700A series "Nozomi" 16 car

923 series "Doctor Yellow" 7 car

JR East

200 series "Yamabiko" 12 car

E2 series "Asama" 8 car

E2-1000 series "Hayate" 10 car

E3 series "Komachi" 6 car

E3-1000 series "Tsubasa" old colour 7 car

E3-2000 series "Tsubasa" new colour 7 car

E4 "Max" old colour 8 car

E4 "Max Toki" new colour 8 car

E5 "Hayabusa" 10 car

E6 "Super Komachi" 7 car

E7 "Kagayaki" 12 car


Private Lines

Nishitetsu 5000 series 4 car (Microace)

Odakyu Romance Car 10000 series 11 car

Chikuho-dentetsu 2000 series Trams x 5 (Tomytec with added motor)


Special/Excursion Trains

Orient Express 1988 Formation 13 car

Imperial Train 5 car

12 series JR East Excursion Train

SL Yamaguchi 5 car

7 stars around Kyushu 7 car + DF200

Kiha 87 Mizukaze "Twilight Express" 10 car

Kiha 110 "Tohoku Emotion" 3 car (Roundhouse)

E655 series "Nagomi" 5+1 car with additional Imperial car.

Kiha 32 "Hobby Train" (Microace) 1 car

Kiha 47 "Ibusuki no Tamatebako" (Microace) 2 car

Kiha 140+147 "Isaburo Shinpei" (Microace) 3 car


Blue Trains and Loco Hauled Passenger (JNR and Modern)

Aodaisho "Hato" 14 car

20 series "Sakura" 7 car set (10-367)

24 series "Akebono" 9 car

24 series "Hokutosei" 12 car

E26 series "Cassiopeia" 12 car

24 series "Fuji" 13 car + Lobby Car

24 series "Twilight Express" 10 car

24 series "Nihonkai" 11 car

10 series "Taisetsu" 12 car

20 series "Sakura" 16 car (Nagasaki/Sasebo formation)

Suhafu 32 Chuo Main line 7 car + 3 extra Oha 35s

10 series "Kamome" 9 car

24 series "Seto/Asakaze" 13 car

Maya 34 Inspection car (Microace)


Local and Limited Express Trains (JNR and Modern)

651 series "Super Hitachi" 11 car

787 series "Relay Tsubame" 7 car

885 series "Kamome" old colour 6 car

E257 series "Asuza/Kaiji" 11 car

211 series "Ueno Line" 10 car

189 series "Asama" 12 car

Kiha 82 (connectable with EF63) 6 car

813 series 3 car

Kiha 81 "Kuroshio" 10 car

E231 500 Yamanote Line (6 door cars) 11 car

185-200 series "Shonan colour" (Roundhouse special release) 7 car

E657 series "Super Hitachi" 10 car

581 series "Gekko" 12 car (Legend Collection)

181 series "Toki/Azusa 12 car

Iida Line Kumoha 53/Kuha 68 2 car

Iida Line Kumoha 53/Kuha 47 2 car

Iida Line Kumoni83/Kumoni 13 2 car

Iida Line Kumoha 54/Kuha 68 2 car

Iida Line Kumoha 42/Kuhayuni 56 3 car

Iida Line Kumoha 53/Kuha 47 153 2 car

Iida Line Kumoha 54 4 car

E233 series "Ueno/Tokyo Line 10 car (still need 5 car for the full formation)

E257 500 series  "Boso Express" 5 car

255 series "Boso Express" 9 car

E351 series "Super Azusa"

HB-E300 "Resort Shirakami" 4 car

883 series "Sonic" 7 car

787 series "Around the Kyushu" 4 car

115 series 6 car set + Kumoni 143

Kiha 40 2000 in orange  1 car


JRF and Freight

Taki 1000 "Eneos Mark" Tankers (2 x 8 car sets)

Iida Line freight  5 car

M250 "Super Rail Cargo" 16 car

Koki 106/107 10 car set (with additional 106s and 104s from multiple sets of 10-245 and 10-317)




D51 basic version

D51 498 (JR Excursion)

D51 498 (Orient Express Livery)

C62 Kure Line

D51 Tohoku Model 1 (Slug type)

C56 Koumi Line



C57 4

C57 Yamaguchi

D51 200 Yamaguchi

C59 Post war Kure Line



DD51 Hokutosei Livery x 2

DD51 500 Cold weather version 3 lights

DD51 Shimonoseki Railway Depot

DF200 JRF "Red Bear"

DF50 red

DF50 Brown x2

DD54 Imperial Train version

DD54 Early Specification

DD54 Middle Form

DD14 snow plough

DE10 Kyushu Brown x 2

DD51 JRF (Tomix)

DE10 JRF (Tomix)



ED73 1000

EF65 1000 JRF old colour

EF65 2000 JRF "Revival Blue)"

EF 65 1000 JNR Type


EF58 Blue

EF58 Brown

EF58 Green "Aodaisho"

EF58 61 Imperial Locomotive

EF64 1030 Nagaoka Train Depot

EF64 JRF "Milk Carton" x2

EH200 "Blue Thunder"

EH500 (Tomix)

EF66 JNR Late type

EF66 100 JRF old colour

EF63 JNR spec blue x2

EF63 JR spec blue x2

EF63 JR spec Brown x2

EF510 Hokutosei Livery

EF510 Cassiopeia Livery

EF81 Rose Livery

EF81 JR East Red

EF81 Twilight Express





ED19 Iida Line

ED79 (Single Arm Pantograph)




Non Japanese

A1  Terrier Southern Railways Olive Green (Dapol)

A1 Terrier Thames Stroudley Improved Green (Dapol)

5700 Pannier Tank L90 "London Transport" (Dapol)

Maunsell Coaches Southern Railways olive green x4 (Dapol)

GWR Hawksworth Auto-tralier BR Maroon (Graham Farish)


GG1 PRR Brunswick Green

SD-50 Rio Grande (Atlas)

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