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My Layout :)


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Flex Track  and your gap for a Bridge.


1) The first thing I would do is test fit the bridge that you plan to use over that gap and make modifications to the Inclines or Risers to fit the Bridge then when you've worked out the alterations use the Bridge as your starting point to lay down the track. The reason, you can always cut track to fit into a space, you really can't cut a pre-made Bridge BUT you can make your own custom bridge to fit into a space if you desire.


Here is a photo of a custom bridge I had to make because of a curve and another photo with some Bridges in place and used them as my starting point to lay down track.


2) Test fit all your track with the WS inclines/risers in place making sure the curved portions are smooth and not bumpy because if they are not smooth it can lead to derailments if this is where you would be using flex track. If you are going to use Unitrack, which is pretty much bullet proof, you want it to have a smooth fit on on top of the incline.

Pin down the risers/inclines applying Liquid Nails for Projects (or whatever glue that you have that works with foam) on the bottom. (which you have done but might have to reposition are the test fitting)

After you're happy with fit, this is where you can be creative. To hide the ribs of the WS inclines, apply a sheet of hydrocal cloth over it, covering the top and sides of the risers BUT you can also add wads of newspaper to the side of the inclines to give it that hill look before you cover it with hydrocal cloth. Leave the top of the inclines smooth with the hydocal because this is where you are going to position your track.


Here is a photo with the Hydrocal cloth covering the sides of the WS incline and the roadbed & flex track in place.


Before I continue, let me know where you plan to use flex track on your layout. In order to use flex track you will need the following materials:

1) Cork roadbed, solder & solder gun, Liquid Nails for Projects or PL-300, pins, marking pen, track cutters (I use Xuron 217), file, and Altas track nails.




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An update from my project, I have covered the newspaper wads with paper towel dipped in plaster mix... it was messy so I had to move it to the garage.


I still need to put another layer of plaster on, after that this section can go back into the house.  ;D



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Wow! The layout is really coming together. As I recall, you have 3 sections so do you have 2 more to do? Hydrocal is very messy that is why I wear latex gloves when I work with it.

One suggestion, after you finish with the cloth, I would spray paint/airbrush the inside of the tunnel walls black. It doesn't matter if it's messy at this point because later when you do your scenery any bits of splattered black will get cover up.

Again the layout looks great! 

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I'm about a week away from where serenityFan is right now with the mountain.


So from what I'm reading 3mm foam core for the back sheet. How are you affixing that to the layout surface top? Foam glue, Elmer's Carpenter's Glue?

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Yes,  I still have another 2 section to do, but this section is the only one with high mountain area, the other are mostly flat.


So far, I have used only craft glue for all glue jobs. On the bottle it says it will work for all paper/wood surfaces ... so far it works fine on cork / foam.  ;D

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Serenity - How is the layout coming along any more progress, you have been going great with this project!

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Yes, the progress kind of halted in confusion over what to do next  :-[

I got the mountain ready, and I was about to glue in the tree foliage. However the plan is to have some sort of ryokan/hotel on the top, with an outdoor spring bath. Since I don't know yet where the buildings will go, I can't really start on the foliage.


Now, I couldn't find any ready made buildings that would fit a ryokan/hotel in the mountain theme. After more thinking, I decided to try and make my own. And I have found the perfect inspiration source: kashirigi's corner diorama project (http://www.jnsforum.com/index.php/topic,397.0.html). This will be like a mini project that will be part of the main project.


Because of this, I kind of lost momentum with working on my layout. So hopefully a mini project like this will get me back on track. ;D

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I had that happen to me with my layout especially in the spring and summer months, it's too nice outside to be indoors.


Kashiring's buildings and his technique with paper looks like a good project. To get myself "back on track" I added a Tram/Shuttle line recently to my layout. Have fun with the mountain hotel addtiion ;)

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Hi Bernard,

Thank for sharing your layout with us.  Looks like you have a really big one at that.  How many mainlines are you planning to have?



That's a nice piece of mountain you have there!  Cannot wait to see it finished with foliage and trees with trains going through it.

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Serenity - I know you've been busy but any more work on you layout? This was really coming along and an interesting design.

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I finally had a quiet day today so manage to do some work on the layout ... Remember the DIY building plan? Well that has been scratched, to save time I got some tomytec buildings and I put together a couple of them today. Took me longer than I thought, as doing the main structure is pretty quick, however the small details like the small parts and those tiny decals took considerably longer. Here is a pic ...


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The building should look great on your layout and I'm glad to see that you were able to do some work on it. I make a bet the cats like seeing the trains run. :grin

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Any update's?  I love what you've done so far and would like to see more!


thanks. At the moment all updates are in my project party thread, because I'm building a module that will be part of this layout.  :grin :grin

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Serenity - I really like the additions you made to your layout from the Project Party I was wondering if you have any Updates on your layout? I really liked the plan you came up with.  :icon_thumleft:

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Serenity - I really like the additions you made to your layout from the Project Party I was wondering if you have any Updates on your layout? I really liked the plan you came up with.  :icon_thumleft:


Hehe, no updates yet unfortunately ... however I really want to do more work on it very soon, especially after following all the excellent threads in this personal project section  :grin :grin


A bit out of topic: I just talked someone who works in financing, and he said he sleeps 3 hours a day and has 8 cups of coffee during the day, whereas I sleep 6 hours a day and drink no coffee. Maybe if I sleep less and drink more coffee I can spent more time on the layout ...  :cheesy

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