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Kashirigi's project. . . .


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. . . .is sort of on hold. I managed to get one of my fingers slammed into the door of a taxi, so my manual dexterity isn't what it once was. It's just one finger, but apparently that's enough affect my ability to hold things and grip things without pain.


I have already started on my corner diorama project, and will post an update as soon as it's not super irritating to type.


I was looking forward to the party, too.

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Ouch! What is it about fingers and car doors? I think we have all done it ... with varying degrees of pain and embarrassment.  :o


You will have to move the project up to O gauge - you wont need too much dexterity for that. ;)


Wish you well.



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Beautiful work and I want the building for my layout!


It took me awhile but I finally got up the nerve to look at your finger, and I hate to ask but did you lose your nail?

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1) I added the math problem because I got a lot of spam recently. I will see if I can tweak it in some way to make it less annoying, or I can just deal with the spam. I apologize for the inconvenience.


2) My nail hasn't fallen off yet, but it feels like it will. Which is probably more disturbing. . . .

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Martijn Meerts

Don't know if you noticed, but there's a green & yellow loch ness monster that invaded your building =)



It's looking good. Seeing this paper stuff I remembered I took some pictures of a guy making Z-scale diorama's from scratch using nothing but paper. He'd built entire cityscapes etc. I'll dig them up once I get my new camera to behave like a good little gadget ;)

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Holy carp I've finally managed to "finish" my project!


Now I can move on to the next interminable thing.


I have included pictures.


Very nice. It is good to hear from you again! I hope that you can find time to maybe clean up your plans, and re-work your blog posts into a submission for Tetsudo?

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Martijn Meerts

That looks really good. Always fun as well how taking a picture outside in daylight makes everything look so much better =)


(For my own project, I STILL don't have all the necessary materials ;))

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