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Krackel Hopper - In progress thread

Krackel Hopper

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Krackel Hopper

hey hey,


Finally made some progress on my station.


Still don't exactly know how I'll be using it.. a modular piece to fit into a layout.. or a T-Trak piece..


I decided to experiment with using textured spray paint.  I've seen this used online and in magazines with great results, so I decided I would give it a try myself.  I couldn't find the Rustoleum "cement" textured spray - but I did find the "sandstone" which I think might be the same thing.  I can't find anything (even online) that they make a "concrete" named color.


I wanted more of a gray undertone than a white/tan so I did not prime the model.  I think this worked rather well, because the model is much more gray than the sample cap color.  I didn't complete much more than this.  I dry fit some of the pieces together for both a photo and so I could visually get a better opinion of this textured spray paint.  I am rather pleased with it..


Just need to decide on what to paint the details now..







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Krackel Hopper

hey hey,


Like most everyone else, I've found myself quite busy without much time to work on my station.


I took some last night to get some work done.  I've painted the front.. kiosk.. if you will.. not sure what to call that.  I've also gone ahead and built (glued) the bottom half and the 4 main walls of the station.  The roof is ready, but I am waiting because I want to add things like window advertisements and other details so you cannot see straight through the empty interior.  Once those are put in, I'll be gluing down the roof and the station building will be complete!


After that - this building has an overhead walkway.  I'll be building that.  If I have time, I'll also be building some Greenmax station platforms.  If time is running short I may substitute Kato or Tomix pre-built platforms as a temporary display.


Will post some photos tonight/tomorrow!

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Krackel Hopper

It took forever, but here's an update..


Station is mostly complete.  I still need to apply "glass" into the windows and then I can finally seal the roof.  I also have the rooftop billboards in progress.  They are primed, but I do not have the advertisements on them yet.  Once I get that, those will be applied to the roof.


The walkway needs a little more work.  Painting is complete, but it needs some washing and weathering before it is ready to go.  If only I had the platforms I thought I did.. ugh..


I'll be cutting it close in terms of completing my station.  Now that things are returning to normal in my life I should have more time to work over the next week.  I hope..


Sorry for the bad photos.. basement lighting is poor and the flash is a little excessive.. I'll update with better pics this weekend.






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