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Krackel Hopper

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Martijn Meerts

Rather than come up with some obscure description or drawing that wouldn't make sense (I'm really good at both of those ;)) I figured I'd grab a bunch of the materials, and make a mockup.


The module base I had from before, same goes for most required materials. I was missing a few sidewalls for the elevated station, but those have arrived by now as well. I've also received my S.K.I.P GO III, but found out that the Tomix tram track (old version, not the new stuff) stations don't work well for high floor trams. Good thing I have plenty of Portrams which I can pose on the diorama later on =)


Note that everything is out-of-the-box, nothing has been modified in any way, apart from some pieces of track which have been cut a little bit.


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Martijn Meerts

Well... Not even really started yet, and I've already hit some resistance ;)


As you can see in the picture, the overhead station isn't perpendicular to the base board, which means, I need to carefully cut the store section diagonally. Problem is, the plastic is pretty solid stuff ;)


Another problem, I need to redo the area around the tram track (currently, it's 4 bits of wood that don't fit nicely). As I'm not much of a foam fan, I was thinking of picking up some MDF. Problem: smallest I can get is 120x60 cm .. Bit much =) (come to think of it, even if I'd use foam, I doubt the local store has small sheets of foam..)


Guess I'll go and look at lighting the station entrance bit first, at least I don't have to chop that one into pieces =)



And last, I need a bit of time to freshen up my programming skills, as I'm starting a new job next week as a programmer ;)

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Martijn Meerts

It's just a bit of plywood with some strips mounted on the sides. Makes for a nice base with the added advantage of having some space underneath to hide wires and such.

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