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DanMacK - In progress thread

Krackel Hopper

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Just posting my design and an idea of where things are going on the layout itself.  The Shintahara station building is actually a modification of the original Nijo station (I removed one of the wings).  The image of the station is from JRWest's site, and I modified it to show a good idea of what it will look like.  The foamcore board is temporary, and was just intended to get the layout to a testing phase.  The branch line will be on the blue foam, and the foamcore will be properly cut to form a base for the main.


More to come soon.



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More progress!  The track for my inner loop is laid and tested.  The bridge area in the corner is mocked up with foamcore, as is the station area.


I've assembled the pieces for the paper model of Nijo station from JRWest's site.  As stated before, I'm planning to remove one of the wings off of the model, but I felt it a good idea to build the model as-is to see if (A) I needed to reduce it any further, and (B), what pieces would need to be modified.


The mockup shown here is the in-progress first round.  The walls will be laminated to at least 2 layers on the actual version, plus have re-inforcement in the back in the form of stripwood. 


The 103 is sitting on what will be the main line.  There will be a platform and another track between it and the station building.  The KiHa 40 is sitting where the branchline platform will be.  There will be a transition on each end of the platform showing a now-removed connection with the branch.





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Not much to report at this point.  Haven't had much time to work on the layout.  I've been working on my design for the Shintahara station and aside from a couple of test builds, haven't actually begun on the final model of the station, I'm still working out some bugs.  I hope to be getting some more track to at least get the main in front of the station completed soon.  I hope to get some more work done tomorrow as well.

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:dontknow: Not much to report at this time.  The two essentials for working on the layout, money and time, have been in very short supply this month.  I'm still working to get something done, as I hope to display the in-progress layout at a local show on Sept 25.  I'm still taking time to revise the station building design to allow ease of construction.


More pics soon

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