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CaptOblivious - In progress thread

Krackel Hopper

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Well, it's over a week in, and I haven't said a word! I've been dug in working on my dissertation, but now that the deadline and some down time have passed, it's back to modeling.


Here's the plan: User gmat has posted elsewhere on this board a number of delightful detail photos of Akihabara Station. I'm going to take a set of Tomix island platforms, and super-detail them to match the photos. Not a full-blown station, but a major part.


Here's the goal:


-Make the floor of the platforms match the prototype, including benches and ashtrays and signage.


-The roof of the segment I'm modeling is disjoint, and appears to have three different styles at different points, none of which match the Tomix platform roof. I will have to scratchbuild supports and a roof. I'd like to install mock florescent lighting, too, if I can.


-There's a small building—a control tower of some kind?—at the north end of platform 3/4. I'll scratchbuild that too.


-Add in details like escalators, advertisements, and lots of people.


More details to come!

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Nevermind. I was foolish to think I would have time for this. I'm very sorry that I'm going to have to back out of this competition, as nearly a month in I have nothing to show.

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