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Krackel Hopper

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Some work over the week. I worked on the reliablity of the R280 Y switch. One direction was far worse then the other, managing to throw an ED79 (locomotive) off the rails. With so many seperate pieces it took a lot of runs to figure out which ones to file. I got the one direction perfect, while the bad direction still causes rolling stock to rumble over it, but not derail. I stopped there as the uneven section is shared with the good direction, and further filing was starting to make that one rumble too. [edit: The bad direction is actually the smooth curve, where the train continues on an R280 bend from the first switch. The good direction is the right 280 to left 280 S-curve]


I've painted the base black now. I've also punched out my fencing. I did the same touch up painting as the station fencing, but have found the paint doesn't match the fence as well - the fence is more towards a grey. I've painted one section completely, since I was looking for wood fencing to begin with. I'll decide if I'll paint all of them once it's dried and I can compare on the layout.







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After finalizing the details on the buildings I've started glueing them down. I did the warehouse yesterday to validate that the process would hold up when the layout was on its side. Then today I did the freight platform, the engine house (you can see the plastic part of the track connector which will be covered with a bush) and the station. They where all basically put in by eyeball, and I ended up really close with the clearance of the passenger station as you can see.


Once all this dries there are still stairs for the station, a side building for the engine house, people and goods for the station and freight platform, and bushes (and probably some grass around some building seams). Oh, and the fencing of which I'm not 100% sure of how I'll be attaching it yet.





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