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Summer 2010 Launch Party!

Krackel Hopper

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Krackel Hopper

Welcome to the Summer 2010 Project Party Launch!


Don’t forget to reference the disclaimer thread for the calendar of events!


Let’s get this party going!


Shortly, all participating members will be given their “in progress” and “discussion” threads to post under.

We’d like everyone to post a description and hopefully a picture/diagram of their project during this first week. 

That will get everyone off to a good start!


Our trains need a destination – it’s time to build one!



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Krackel Hopper

As it stands - we have a whopping 18 people signed-up and ready to go!


If I missed you - or if anyone caught this thread late and wants to sign up, please send rankodd or myself a PM and we will get you on the list!


I can't wait for everyone to unveil their project (preferably with diagram and/or photos)!!!  :grin


Good luck everyone!

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