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my N micro layout


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it´s me again  :grin


I worked a bit on the background:




In the back of Minashima you can see Castle Okayama (岡山城, Okayama-jō), which you can find originally in the City of Okayama.


I hope you like it, too.

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Spaceman Spiff

I'll be honest when I saw the first picture I didn't think much would come of it.  Now that you worked on it I am very impressed. It is really nice. I think I may have to do something like that in the future.  Thanks so much for giving the idea to build one in the future :)



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Agree with all the previous comments!!!!    :grin :grin :grin ...a really tremendous layout and SUPER inspiring!  I think I'm going to try my hand at a micro layout myself!  I have plenty of extra buildings so now i know what to do with them!

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Hi guys,


thanks for your comments. I´m happy to hear that you like my layout.


At the moment I think how I can hide the two tracks in the background. Maybe a large building?


Unfortunately I don´t have enough space to build an extension :-(

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Ouch... you have two very incredible layout. The german themed one is very impressive too.


As for an extension, I'm sure you'll find a way to add a piece to it. It can be way that you store away most of the time and add when you feel like it.

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Hey Tosaden

Great layout.  That tram/streetcar/densha looks just like the ones that ran near my place when I lived in Kochi.  Going by your name, I'm guessing you may have a Tosa connection too?

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Hi Transalpen,

the Tosa Tram was my first Japanese model and so I decided to use Tosaden as my nickname in this and other forums. Furthermore I don't have any connections to Kochi or the Tosaden.

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may I invite you to a small journey to Minashima?



I hope you like my small video.


bye, Guido

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I was smiling when watching your video. :cheesy  I can't remember seeing such a video about model trains before, really innovative!

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hey really nice video! i see the layout has had some changes! really nice little layout and fun way to present it in the video.





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JR 500系



That's a smashing nice layout you have there! And the backdrop is just... wow!


I like the wires running on the poles, very realistic! The trams are beautiful too!


Thanks for sharing!  :grin

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That layout is awesome, and really inspiring! I love the background, and I think that the level of detail is awesome as well.


Thanks for sharing and making me smile  :cheesy



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thanks for your replys. I´m happy to hear that you like my layout and my video.


I´ve made the background oneself with a pic I´ve found here in the forum. The castle is from a picture in Wikipedia.


bye, Guido

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Hi Tosaden

The layout is the best i seen, your video superb,

Is it possible to put the track layout with each piece of track with it's number and lengths

like tomix fine track 140mm radius 60 degree curve  = C140-60(F)

It would be handy to see what type of points, curves, and straights plus any other tracks i missed

you have used in this mini layout

thanks for sharing your hard work

welshdodger    :cool:

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What a lovely video Tosaden!


Its very innotative to see a layout presented like this with such a nice story attached.  I'm on my way to catch my train home, maybe I'll have a nap and dream of Minishima :)



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