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my N micro layout


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I´ve building H0 trams for some years and have a H0 tram layout (www.tramspotters.de only in German).


Now I want to build a small tram layout in N for my new japanese trams. It is the first time for me to do anything in N. I want to build a small layout of an interurban tramsystem. The dimensions of my layout are 60x40 cm. Yes it is very small, but it will be only an addon for my H0 models.




Here you can see the actual progress of my layout:




On the top of the hill I will put a lot of green and a buddhistic temple.

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Nice start.  I'm waiting for my Tomix Wide Tram Rail to arrive (hopefully this month) before starting on my tram layout.

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Nice start and I've seen some great small layouts so size doesn't matter. One thing, I would put some track bumpers on your yard tracks. You don't want the trams flying off the layout.

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Very nice start.  I'm a big fan of small layouts.  I like the design with the yard tracks.  Is that planned for a car house of sorts?

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thanks for your posts. Of course I will put track bumpers at the end. I want to build a small tram station. A car house is not planned.


Here you can see what I have done this weekend



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during the last days I built a bit on my little Japan.


Typical for Japan are the overhead lines für power and telephone. I´ve ordered model poles and fortunately I found the product EZ Line.

I used EZ Line for the overhead wire of my trams, too.







The cute character is called "Harry Schotter" ;-) (Schotter ist the German word for crushed stones that is used for tracks). He is used in Berlin to indicate construction sites in the tramsystem.


bye, Guido

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Oh yes, Harry needs a coffee ;-) He even complains about it ;-)


Here you can see what I have done today:






I think that you can imagine the cable salad of asian towns ;-)

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I think that you can imagine the cable salad of asian towns ;-)


Toronto laughs at the asian people's minor collection of overhead wires.



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I love the jumble of wires on this layout. It is something I have been seriously considering, but have had neither the time, or skill, to set up. Seeing how effective it is on this layout, and how it really brings the scene to life, perhaps I ought to revisit this idea...

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Oooh, very nice! That makes me want to create my layout anew.


I really like the variety of scenes you have created, it really makes the layout interesting.

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Fantastic! really wonderful little tram layout! i think im in with Kumo this is getting me into really wanting to do a small streetcar layout like this! really wonderful job, you should be proud!





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Good things come in small packages!


Having been to Japan, I can only state that you have captured the atmosphere of a Japanese town very well!

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Mudkip Orange

This is pretty freekin' sweet. And on top of all the scenery impressiveness you've also mashed out a track plan that works equally well as a point-to-point or with idiot running. Nice all around.

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