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GoogleEarth StreetView: Trains in Japan

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To all,

I've just spent a good deal of time looking for a good shot from the google mobile of trains in Osaka, Kyoto and other places that I am familiar with...

I'll be updating this post with new links as I find more interesting bits and pieces...

You should just be able to click the links and go directly to the correct spot... if the bubble just stays white then click on the yellow dude again (possibly twice) to hide and show the bubble again and hopefully get the StreetView appearing.


Ocean Arrow and a Freighter (EF200?) in Umeda, Osaka

A few 100m N/NE is the middle of another freighter (and again) (and again) (and again)


An EMU on it's way to ShinOsaka Station ... travel north with it all the way to the station.


103 Series on it's way to Osaka Loop Line from Universal Studios ... travel NE with it.

And it seems to stop up ahead.

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Guest ___

In Kyoto, try Omiya Dori, it's an alley that runs between the train museum and the Royal Rhiga Hotel.

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