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Kiso Forest railway #7


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Kiso Forest Railway 0-4-2Rt #7




Whilst converting a load of VHS tapes onto DVD (they are almost certainly going to be obsolete next!) I found a short clip of some footage my dad shot of the removal of Kiso Forest 0-4-2Rt #7 from its long term home in a shed at the rear of Moss motors in Goleta Ca. The loco had been donated to the san Luis Obispo RR Museum by owner Philip Goldman.The loco was built by Baldwin in 1927 (works number 60069) for the Kiso Forest in Japan.


I had photographed it in the shed in May 1998 and here is a picture giving an idea of the diminutive size of the engine





The shed was full of rubbish that had blown under the doors




The video footage is here at



of its departure in November of that year.


Next time I'm over in the States I'll go and have a look and see how it is doing

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