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Hi my name is Dave and have been into model trains for over 60 years and currently into N Scale.  I have a very limited size in which to set up my layout so compact is the word.

I recently purchased a Kato Tokaido Line commuter train from JA and was so impressed with the quality and engineering, I have decided to invest in more and have a Shinkasen Bullet Train on order due in June and also a precolored 5 car kit set from Greenmax due in July.


Up till now most of my stuff has been OPJ (Other people's junk) secondhand of EBay and never appreciated how great the N Gauge trains can run until I bought a new one. I also have a couple of cars (Kits) powered by the Tomix 05 chassis.  I have been making my own buildings lately using "Building Maker" a limited, but useful program for cardboard construction.


4472 ??  I have great affection for that loco (Flying Scotsman) having travelled on her many times in the UK and have two models of her in both N and OO


Oh yes, I live in Western Australia and will never see 75 again. :)

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Welcome aboard, Dave.  Do you use a Japan-style temporary setup to run your trains, or do you have (or are planning) something more permanent?  Whatever you have, post photos if you can. It's always interesting to see how other people approach our mutual hobby.

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Hi Dave, wait till you get a hold of Unitrack or Tomix Finetrack...you will never go back to the snap track system again!


Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome, Dave! Glad to have another recent convert  :)

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Thanks every one for welcome. The board is a mess at the moment, due to re-construction and updating, But basically its a two level system and my son wants to build an additional JR metro system under the main board, which will link to the upper board and the overhead railway,  This has an interfacing high speed loop, for the Shinkansen and Tokaidi trains.


Things I will not be using is premoulded track.  DCC.  bought buildings etc.  Mainly because my budget does not stretch to things like DCC but primarily I am a retired Electronics Engineer and like to run my trains the old fashioned way of manual control.  I make all my "Gizmos" crossing lights, signals, lighting and scenery. My track is code 80.  My controllers are PWM home made and the system so far has 20 turnouts to main tracks and sidings of which 10 trains can be controlled by a single controller individually.  I have additional controllers which will be added shortly after track equipment arrives from the USA,


I will tidy up the board today and take some photos.   I will post in the appropriate section of the forum.

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Welcome Dave,


i think you will find that japanese n scale will really work well for your constraints, as you get very high bang for the buck and you can cram a lot into a very small space and be really prototypical. trains in japan are all over the place and thus in all sorts of scenes and run very close to most everything you can think of scene wise (ie shinkansens going right by or under high rises in cities!). also the trains are great quality and detail for the price, even when ordering them from japan! Also the tomytec line of building, vehicles and scene accessories are really numerous and again a very good gang for the buck.


Please if you would share some of your circuits and gizmos you devise, would love to see them. folks here have questions all the time on led lighting, etc as well!


again welcome and have fun with the japanese trains!





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Thanks Jeff:  Yes I have already discovered the quality and performance of Japanese trains which have left my other trains for dead...literally....  The Tomy powered Green Max 603 3 car kit is a little ripper, I also purchased some  Tomix KD25 motors. Not super powerful but for these small commuter trains they can almost launch them into orbit on a 22" curve.

I have posted some pictures of my current setup and somehow I can see a city of skyscrapers appearing already. See my other thread in this section.

I have a number of photos of Japanese cities and noted the high density building overheads and trains and roads.

Will have to start making some cherry blossom trees. 

I have never been up to Japan, but my son has on a church club visit and is eager to return.

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