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Kato's E259 almost here


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Received the parcel today. It's the worst EMS performance I ever had to endure! Each and every stage of the process flawed....

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But was it worth the wait? Do you like the model?


Oh yes, it’s fabulous!

Maybe the best paint job ever and great new coupling system!

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Finally received my set yesterday. The paint job is fantastic, but otherwise, I don't really think this model is anything special. As I pointed out before, the windscreen wipers are a total disappointment. I also noticed the motor car is much more noisier and less smooth than my Microace 789-1000. The coupler system is most definitely not new.. It just has a new attachment. I suppose it looks ok but the trade-off is no end underbody details like toilet tanks, though I am sure they chose the E259 to have these shock absorber thingys as the toilets aren't located at the car ends. But then again, not that Kato had really nice looking toilet tanks to being with since they have no depth, unlike Tomix HG units. And worst of all, I think I much prefer the look of the old 253 series train more. Maybe it's just me?


Although, I must admit that the suspension/damping system works does make the train glide more smoothly and with much less noise than a train not equipped with it. For those who haven't seen the system, all Kato did was allow the metal wipers holding the wheels to have a bit of up/down play, and as a result, would bounce off the contact spring inside the body. Quite an ingenious system really.

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