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Tomix - New Releases


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Sammy, your list is a bit broken, or at least unreadable with all the ellipsis :) Not that it is an issue.

Personally, I had the feeling Tomix was about to release the 115-1000 in old Niigata livery, it was the last set missing.

Now, I really want one of these updated JR West Kiha 40-2000 in vermilion to complete my fleet.

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Oooh, KiHa16.


I wonder if a KiHaYuNi17 is close enough to a KiHaYuNi18 to just renumber it? Or would finding the Bona Fide body kit be the better idea for a khyn18?......oooh nevermind I just realised that said *KiYuNi* 17. Well, with all these Kiha10 family stuff, hopefully they'll get to a khyn18 sometime soon...

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Das Steinkopf

Looks like Katoftw and a number of other Kyushu train lovers will be able to rapidly build their JRF EF81 fleet with this nice array of loco's on offer. 


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WOOOOOOOO!  More Kiha66/67s (unpowered even!), and Kiha58-400s!   Plus the 66/67 JR kyushu colors, this is going to be a very expensive spring...

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wow that marine Liner!!! Now I am so tempting to get both... Why couldn't they just sell that single carriage...


That 209-3100 Bosu line looks nice too! Too bad it got delayed...

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Das Steinkopf
3 hours ago, katoftw said:

Please explain someone with better than basic Japanese skills?




This is the new deck railings for the Koki 50000's with improved detail by adding the grab rails which had not been modelled on previous models of Koki 50000's with the exception of Tomix 8714, they will be coming out with the Tomix 98979 12 car set and hopefully with any future release of Koki 50000 variants. I really like this addition as it gives a more accurate representation of the deck rail assembly, the grab rails on the real life Koki 50000's are painted white and it is frustrating that you are unable to add this detail due to the hand rails not being fitted on the previous models, it certainly does add an element of contrast to that area.


Here are some photos of 8714 and 2742 to show the difference. 




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One can never have enough of these lovely painted Portram models!


These just pop up on Tomytec:



Truck Collection 8





The first time we see so new moulds finally for the cars, all from Nissan! That Nissan Urvan is nice, though most would already have enough vans from the previous released Kato Toyota Hiace ones...  That Nissan X-trail is just beautiful! Set N1 is surely on my list since that X-trail is just beautiful and I needed a SUV and the yellow Urvan makes a nice children minibus!


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The collection 26... I'm just thinking of getting a whole damn box instead of hunting down individual ones. There are at least three sets in there that tickle my interest.


Also, Nissan sets ey. Maybe one set needs to be bought.

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They are much more expensive, but detail-wise you might be better off getting the MicroAce A4951 Sendai Area 701 series re-release. If you do intend to get the whole box, however, you can always sell the JR Shikoku one to me. ;)


I'm rather interested in seeing what the secret model for collection 26 is. I really have no idea what to expect.

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26 minutes ago, Densha said:


I'm rather interested in seeing what the secret model for collection 26 is. I really have no idea what to expect.

Maybe a 121 series in jnr/wanman/warning stripe paint?

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This collection 26 is one of the testudo collection that I really want, since it has so many sets that I would like and can integrate into my collection! The previous testudo collections often contain showa era trains or some other retired trains, but this one has many of the sets that are still running now and would be nice to have them, and the secret model is something to look forward to!



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Probably skip this truck collection, the only one I really want out of it is the SDF truck but the rest of them aren't really terribly interesting. The new car collection is nice, I'll take another police car.

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