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Tomix - New Releases

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so i ordered the ed61 + cleaning car.


since finding a cleaning car for a decent price is impossible.


Most were asking $60 aus + shipping for just the cleaning car.


Ireally hope they release a brown car seperate latter so i can get 2 cars for it to pull the same.

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I would be tempted by the cleaning car set but I really don't like the locomotive with it... :-/

I'm not a huge fan of JR locomotives but I think there is much nicer ones.


(ED76 or EF66 designs are nicer to me)

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agreed but it's brown  :grin and it has a cleaning car which i am in need of.


For now i have to stick to cotton wool buds


i just want another so i can have one sucking and one scrubbing.


and that last sentence just sounds dirty .....

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I pre-ordered the cleaning car kit despite the fact that I hate the colour and didn't want the loco. However, my desire for the cleaning car outweighs both of those concerns :P

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Martijn Meerts

Another cleaning car .... I already have 3, with another one on pre-order.. I can't possibly get another one.....


Would like to see the actual colors of it though, the black & white picture is rather useless ...

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i have the brow set with ed plus this just combines i wanted 2 and now i shall have just need to get the cleaning fluid

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I preordered both cleaning car sets. The 35th anniversary one is interesting to me as that's the year I was born. It's probably good to have 2 anyway...

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seems the e5 must be exclusive to kato like i read on mixi. still no news from tomix.


Ihope they can secure exclusive rights to e6



I believe that KATO has the bragging rights for the E6 when it is fully been produced. Just like with the E5 from reading how it would replace the Hayate and the Komachi models. Hence why the E3 and the E5 can connect to each other and so would the E6 to the E5.


looking forward to the 923 Dr. Yellow to come out as well as the ED61 with the cleaning car.

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yep limited to 12 per house .. crikey how many does one person need on his layout ....


anyway i will be happy with 2

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tomix have new releases coming up


most importantly for me the cassiopeia preorder set for march and i have submitted a order 1 of each plus both locos

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it has all wheel pick up thats the power coupler



Soooo, I guess I "need" to preorder it...


EDIT: done  :grin



Come on to mix e5 with all wheel pickup!




might be awhile i'm sure kato got exclusive for 2 years


Too bad.  :sad:

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