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Japanese on our UK 00 layout!

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There has been a number of developments in the Dreyfus acquisition strategy lately, resulting in the arrival of a number of H0 locomotives, courtesy of the classifieds section on here for starters…


As well as the small fleet of DMUs I already have, I now have a nice collection of seven electric locomotives... :grin


Fortunately whilst Yamanouchi Oshika is down for some drastic scenic surgery, due to start in the next couple of weeks or so, our club room has been filled with our club's UK-outline 00 layout...an end-to-end which provides a running length of about 30' from fiddleyard to station buffer stop. Although it has not been fully erected, the final peice will go up next week, I took the opportunity for a Japanese invasion of 1950s Dorset; well it was the fault of the other club members not bringing the appropriate stock!


A nice little selection was running, looking beautiful and running perfectly.


1 - EF81

2 - 1950s Dorset trainspotters don't seem too interested in the EH500!

3 - EF64-1000 and EF66 rest in the freight yard

4 - Overall view showing from left; EF210, 2 x EF64-1000, EH500 & EF81

5 - Two EF64-1000 looking very impressive outside the station throat...

6 - EH500


All these models are Tomix. The EH500 is an especially impressive machine...both units are powered!


The other club members are worried...they have seen what happened the last time some Japanese stuff was let loose on a club layout; the layout turned Japanese! Sadly I have been assured that will not happen here, so for the meantime I will have to contend myself with occasional outings until such time I can do something in H0 myself...







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Nice pictures Claude!  :cool:

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Very impressive photos Claude! After seeing these beauties on the layout, don't the other club want to switch over to the "Far East" side?  :confused5: (just joking)

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No, I could not convince them...although there is going to be a tramway extension added, and our tram-fiend has been sent a number of links to Hobby Search...so we may have some 1/80 trams running along the 1950's Dorset coast in the future!


Our UK modellers are feeling the tug of Japanese from one side and US 0n30 on the other. Whilst this lot were purring about the station area, a lovely little Bachmann Shay was pottering about the fiddle yard.  

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Mudkip Orange

Eventually, one of y'all is gonna need to actually buy some Japanese HO freight cars...

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Another week, and another invasion of 1950s southern England from Japan... This time in the form of diesel units.


Here we have four types, from three different manufacturers. The single-car KiHa 40 is a Micro Ace model, the two-car KiHa 110 is a Prius Endo, the four-car KiHa 58 is from Kato and finally the KiHa 183 is also from Micro Ace.


As with the locos, all are brilliant runners, and did lead to the suggestion from more than one of my colleagues that an H0 layout should be constructed. Lets just say, I'm tempted...however for the time being they will have to join the electric locos in contenting themselves on our club 00 layout!






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bikkuri bahn

Nice to see that kiha 183 turret cab unit "showing the colors" for JR Hokkaido.  In the prototype world, this type has become less and less common with the introduction of the tilt units.


As with the locos, all are brilliant runners


Funny how the models are similar in that respect to the real thing, eh?

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