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Rail Fan Trip to Tokyo

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This Fall, probably in early October, I am planning a rail-fanning trip to Tokyo.

If anyone wants to tag along, I am willing to act as guide. I read and speak

enough Japanese to get by and I lived in Tokyo for many years.

I plan to see the following rail facilities that are opening this year, have opened since my last trip in 2005, or some I have not fully explored.



Toyo Rapid Railway. Tozai subway extension, 9 surface stations.

Tsukuba Express, commuter line, 20 stations, 8 U/G. 1500VDC & 20kv A/C.



Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line, opened June 2008, 14 stations.

Yokohama subway line 4, opened March 2008, 10 stations.

Mita, Namboku & Oedo subways, see several sections.


GUIDEWAYS, fully automated - no driver.

Yurikamome line, around Tokyo waterfront, 4 new stations.

Nippori-Toneri line, opened March 2008, 13 stations.


New JR Rail Museum, recently opened.


Non-rail things to see:

Second tallest statue in the world (nearly 400'), 1-hour north of Tokyo.

Kamakura, capital of Japan around 1100, 45 min. from Tokyo.


If anyone is interested, you may e-mail me at  DH1067@wmconnect.com

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I've been on some of those that you've mentioned, including the Tsukuba express---it's kinda disappointing. At least in the Tokyo area, it's all underground, and the stations all have those anti-suicide-jumper-gates, so you can't see half the train. But what you can see is pretty striking, even by Japanese standards.

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Yes, except for the front end design of the trains, it's not an especially exciting line from the photos I've seen, but I'd like to see where they change from 1500VDC to 20KV A/C.

And riding to the end brings us close to Ushiku on the JR Joban line. That's where the huge, nearly 400' Buddha is.

Also, I want to shoot those trains at the subway portal, 6 or 7 stops out from Akihabara.

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