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Tomytec 'Car-system'

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On the modules I used to test the busses I used a post-it note across the gap but on the permanent modules I'm thinking of a road section that drops into place after the modules are together for appearances and to help hide the gap. The busses will steer a straight line across quite a gap so that is not a problem



In my experiments with ttrak modules and the faller bus I found that a thin strip of scotch magic tape was the trick to bridge the gap. It could allow quite a bump and the bus would make it thru and grab the wire on the next module. I expect the tomix would do evened better with their reported stronger steering magnet.


If the edge is properly prepared then the tape will come right off for breakdown and is pretty invisible and a matching road color marker might help as well.


I didn't take it forward with my standard spaced street car modules as it required keeping a whole lane cleared for busses (yes there are express lanes). But I've designed the street sections to come up easily so I can change them if I want to add this later.




I'd like to see how the bus moves on and off the elevator, from my experiments running busses across adjoining T-TRAK modules the slightest gap gets the wheels stuck, it definitely wouldn't make it off that elevator. On my Urusai Fumikiri modules I'm going to have to put a temporary road section across the gaps when the modules are put together.

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Just wondering is there anything new coming out of the system since the initial launch of the bus and track?  I wanted to get one but it looks like nothing new has been out for a while such as cars, trucks...

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Doubt cars will happen in n scale. They would require some tiny mechanisms and only run a few minutes. A chap in germany did build a radio controlled vw bus that was pretty cool, but that was quite a feat of micro engineering. Some day maybe?!


Trucks are not too bad to do, but the tomytec bus mech is a big block which would be hard to fit a truck cab over as it is I think. The faller mech had just the steering mech up front and that was quite low. The motor and gearbox was low in the rear and the battery free so you could locate it where needed. I would not be surprised if tomytec eventually did a truck mech.



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Just wondering is there anything new coming out of the system since the initial launch of the bus and track?  I wanted to get one but it looks like nothing new has been out for a while such as cars, trucks...


Well, they did release a bunch of different-radius roadways last fall (C66, C177, C214, in addition to the original C103 & C140), as well as the A2 set with an Osaka bus.  But yeah, there's a definite shortage of interesting things like intersections, Y-junctions, or grade crossings, let alone smaller vehicles.


You can stick many of their existing bus shells on the motor unit, and they sell separate motor units, so you aren't limited to just the one vehicle.


There's currently a pre-order open at HS for a motor unit with a 35mm wheelbase due June; the original had a 32mm wheelbase.

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During my experiments I made a single lane reverse loop with a one-way turnout using a wire buried in the road. The wire looped around but didn't go all the way back on itself so that the bus steered around the loop and picked up the straight wire again. There are a lot of possibilities that haven't been touched on by Tomytec, yet.


I was just looking at a bus mechanism and the steering mechanism itself is passive and fairly compact, the power unit and battery holder are also seperate pieces so the whole thing could be seperated into three parts and put into other truck bodies.

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That's good to hear it can be separated.


I was able to do the reversing loop and i did a point as well with a piece of wire that I just pulled back and forth. Worked well with the faller so I expect it should work well with the tomix.


Was also able to get pretty tight turns as well, down to about 2.5" radius.



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Folks have been asking about what is new:


There are now two sets of 5 bus shells, two motor sizes, 5 curve radii, straight track, bus stops, all sold separately, plus two sets with a pair of shells, oval track, stop and motor unit.


Batteries are available in the hearing aid section of RiteAid.


Let me know if you need some of this.



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