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Construction thread on a Japanese layout (link)

NGT6 1315

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Hi guys :D


Now is my Tomytec arrived Carsystem Set (s) and I could relocate in the city and the street elements. Of course I have the same time a video made ​​:D






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Hi Guys,

for me it went further last night too :)


So first clock at night until 2 or bamboo handicrafts from Tomytec (and color-matched). So I think also what I can to shorten the time of the flocking.

Take a small box that you can make even the scattered showered in there and lays 1-2 bamboo plants that are glued in, closes it and shakes it short. And lo and behold, it works.


Of course, it also went to the segments, I have installed the guardrails in the Raffenerie, recessed into the rice fields and worked in (now missing layers with Woodland water). Even the tracks I've aged and have planted some of the bamboo plants.









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Watching progress on your layout is always a delight!


Your bamboo forest reminds me of the big bamboo forest in Arashiyama, North-West of Kyoto. There is a train line (going to the San-In coast via Nijo station) crossing witch makes the whole place kinda surrealistic and you could swear that you were just dropped in a Ghibli Movie.



Train à travers la forêt de bambous de Arashiyama by loriskumo, on Flickr

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Hi Guys :)


After some more time I will convert well for me.


Meanwhile, I have the 6th Segment docked (turn segment) and then the track route again adjusted. On the rest of the segments were then a few more Chinese trees, including in the depots. The rice fields are now moist enough;) and the lake or the bay is sealed and taken in the first layer of water.


Also in the train and the coach was more, according to a DE10 came in JRF paint (new design) and a pair of cars (special) and a WAMU 80000. Of course, the new Kyushu Shinkansen N700 to them as before, and pictures.


What about my happiness is missing is the first second Bridge (2 bridges umendschieden got me a place to use to bridge spans, so the train will remain behind bars for longer ;)









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I notice in the last picture you have the Greenmax factory kit, something I'm looking at for a project. Did you paint it or did it come colored? (I see some of the accessory pieces too). Do you think a track could run through the front door/loading dock? My project would use it as an industry, but with the back cut out and placed against the backdrop so it would continue through a hidden exit into staging forming a loop for continous running.

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I notice in the last picture you have the Greenmax factory kit, something I'm looking at for a project. Did you paint it or did it come colored? (I see some of the accessory pieces too). Do you think a track could run through the front door/loading dock? My project would use it as an industry, but with the back cut out and placed against the backdrop so it would continue through a hidden exit into staging forming a loop for continous running.


Greenmax structure kits are unpainted/unassembled. The relevant photo from the Factory kit: http://www.1999.co.jp/itbig00/10007620n.jpg


The Greenmax factory (http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10007620) is a variation on their Train Repair Plant (http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10007624) which does have access for 2 tracks at the front.

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Hi Guys :D


I have now incorporated the tunnel portal, there must later neatly color and bushes on it. But now all the transitions and bald spots on the main railway green and repaired. Now a further layer of water filled the bay.


As you can see I've changed the corner at the turn of the segment, it was out of the bare spot a small tea farm (still growing), I think the result extremely embellished the corner.


I will now the days will begin with the temple on the Plateau (of course then comes back a lake: D)


So here is proof by 5 pictures, video still;)









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Martijn Meerts

Great stuff!


You might want to take the castle out of the box before putting it on the layout though  :grin

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Hi guys,


after small break for me too I will convert more (always a bit Hardy with the product from Japan is:) but I have plenty of time).


Anticipate the most important: the city I have again made ​​completely flat - is simply because the I extend the whole area to the right (direction of the depot) and thus the distribution of the different design and, second, I now have massive sheets of Paper Craft of Modern houses and skyscrapers and the like, so I make the city with even more individual models can:)


On the Plateau at the right end systems has also done what I have now in the corner or set down a solid (so now could soon be the Fuji * g *). and if necessary I will even extend to the left. Also, I've prepared a small lake / pond for the temples, the whole mass has now just dry until the next shift comes on it (supposed to be pretty close to the pour in Woodland realistic Water).


To what extent I would order the temples and (seen so far only 2) which of the 4 buildings I use I do not quite, but I think it will be available for at least 3 and a lot of green stuff (good 80 bamboo plants still ready + massive bushes for the temple complex .


What is now also got on the water depth (or height) of the bay, now that finally there came the supplies. Also, I was able to bridge ausbessenr now so that it is consistent and looks like two single track in one piece, thanks to the connectors or the Tomix extra for di eTräger up with attributed.


Well, a small new vehicle had to be there non, therefore an image of the ED10 (Does the Motorized Stand model from Tomytec)) with the EF66 is moved even grad * g * because it is a video soon.














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Bernard, thank you for the laud :D I made a Special Picture for You from "the Bridge over Trouble Water" ;)



as was now being threatened with a small update (after I wait for the temple even before it goes to the Temple Mount: ()


So I redesigned the city a bit, is first and foremost the Shinkansen route somewhat defused, the S is not quite as pronounced. I have also overturned the city planning anything and everything made ​​sterile, so lamps also have the same first to their place gefunden.Was's missing is the sidewalk, I will comb through yet, so are the lights a little in anything:)


Currently, only the buildings of the Middle City area can be seen, therefore, the normal-sized building. left to follow the high-rises and skyscrapers, and the right suburb.


The level crossing has now lost its sharp edges and is now level with the road. Not surprised, the barriers are movable;) (manual)








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Hey Guys :D (i'm back from other Layouts ;) )


i have the last Days build on my layout for the next  exihibition in the Modeltrain-Club on Wunsiedel (12.11./13.11). There, my Japanese layout will be on display.


New stand of the Layout:


The refinery has a new Tank and lines. The city is now in the final compilation, but i missing more details on the city.


now I also got the new Kyushu Shinkansen :D





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This is really really cool!

The refinery looks really nice and the viaduct with the N700 Sakura is AWESOME! :-)

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Wow the exhibition is a little more than a week?

You've created a very nice busy scene that represents the lifestyle on a Japanese city...well done.

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Hey Guys :)


Thanks Kumo and Bernard :D



The exihibition  is comming this Weekend and i make Pictures from build the Layout on the Club, I hope you like it. are still missing two parts, but that come tomorrow to do.






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Hey Guys :D



Here are some pictures of the exhibition, more video will follow tomorrow ;)

The trains have had no dropouts over the 2 days and have a total of 4 miles traveled.












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