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Construction thread on a Japanese layout (link)

NGT6 1315

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hello guys :)


Thanks for the praise first:) I'll give my best for the plant.


now I will finally, here are the pictures show the complete state at the exhibition:)





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very impressive! how do you connect your tracks when you move the modules? do you just float the connecting pieces of track? i see many span your module joints.


are you doing a second set of modules to carry the viaduct behind the main modules? will the other side be meant for viewing or all out of site from the public?


great work and looking wonderful!





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Hello guys,


So, after I have now built times with my boss and have the system back together once the first four segments came the horrified .....  :sad:


Storage, transport, and above all really extreme temperatures (above 36 °) have added to the system - a fact that means the system must be renovated or Shut Down first, and be restored, what happened? For all transitions are firstonce torn, bent and broken, are at the facade on the lake or river large parts of the rocks just blown away by the heat (same problem was also in the TT system).


What is my conclusion from this? I paid a lot the hard way .... We will update until next year for the railway tracks at the crossings, the main lines down, relining and Peco track up, special module transitions and wood blocks are then secure the crossings.


The two road course to the station ends remain for the time being and will be reviewed.


I pulled my teaching, and can only recommend everyone: for transportable systems to NOT case tracks with embedding

whether kato Tomix, fleischmann or others, take special nickel-and transitions.



The damage will probably amount to € 300-400 for the repair costs are respectively: (well but hopefully better.



I enclose a few photos,'s only downside, the bridge looks have aged out of class.









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Patrick - I'm so sorry to see what happened to the layout. I think what happen to you is most of our worst fears for a layout. I hope you can repair the damage and that it doesn't cost as much as you've estimated it will.

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That's terrible.


36 ° is pretty hot, and I expect you would have trouble from expansion with that much heat.


One technique for connecting rails at section edges is to solder the rails to printed circuit board ties so they can't move, and to put rail joiners on the ends where they meet to precisely align them.  Here's a page showing some mistakes to avoid, and how it can work when done right.



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Thank you for the links and ideas, are scheduled to have;)


for the transitions I've planned the following: the transition points are converted to 10cm in the segments, ie new wooden base, then transitions from  http://digitalzentrale.de/main.php?sess=hfts38k35512oe5uhmgar8shs7&abt=2&itemgr=399  and new connecting bolts (longer) for the boxes themselves.


The rock I'll probably have to fill in new, this will then secure them new.


So for the time being they will stand still.




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Hello Guys, I'm Back :D


in the last 4 days I have finally brought the segments homecoming (were stored).


So I started making all the missing parts to tear down and clean. Looks a bit "dramatic", but it is again;) The renovation also brings some changes and improvements, which I explain below.


First, I have the following steps:


- segment transitions are completely lined with wood, so I can fix the Tomix track better and cutting heights that yields the reason.


- control technology is completely switched to transformers (cab control console Tomix 5513) and manual mode, which reduces the separation points and many cables.



otherwise, there are small changes to the track plan, the depot now gets a 6 Standing roundhouse and an electrical hub.


Also, the track plan to the city train station entrance has changed, the tunnel entrance is now 20cm further to the right and it is equal to a branch of the planned extension inside.


That's the first time, I will keep you on the current course:) And please, do not panic when they see the pictures, everything looks worse than it is.








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Patrick - Glad to see you're back. Switching is one problem on my layout that I constantly have to "tweek", how is it working on your layout, any problems?

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Hey Guys :)



I have again an important question and would like to seek advice from you:)


After the first test runs with 10 axle locomotives (preferably with precursors), I am superior to (because I'm always on the rebuild) if I do not track the plan fundamentally change in the visible range.


which means I would put the station in the city, where as 4 can double track station and continue the line just four single track as a ring route. so to speak, then 6 meters pure parade route.


Of course there is the museum depot, the depot would also be slightly larger and then run.


Save course: For me it has only one meaning.


So what do you think?




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Hi guys,


from now after my Japan Tomix turntable and roundhouse (of course a different color :( ) I could go on.


Deshlab here are some pictures.


The depot has been remodeled, so now, now a 6-employed roundhouse, 4 free tracks and two tracks for cars available. Local vending week I will make the einschottern Betriebswekr and it still lacks the administrative building.


The city is a bit empty, all the skyscrapers are still on the trampan layout.

But even with the buildings I'm going to need a lot of skyscrapers and houses for the suburb, I think I'll never be finished :(


As you can see is still a little store there, but that is not long enough.



Between: my Warhammer-Dioram is finished :D ;)









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Hey Guys :D


There is news! : D


How was I to see the depot attack started, now I have the tracks laid and the gravel made​​, by the way the track is also in the Raffenerie revision. It is missing from the depot that is only the administrative building, a little design and decoration and color.


Entrance on the left was now to continue, this gravel is almost complete and the level crossing is now installed. The first building I have again placed on trial and I think some remain (the hospital at all costs). Sample also have the same time my now complete boiler set up: D


Hope you like it.



Patrick :)









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thank you for the compliment:)


Today it went much further, so I have a little greenery the depot and the metro area, the first Shinkansen line fences and the back fit.


In the depot I have aged the tracks and the gravel, since it already looks really good, but see for yourself.)










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Hi Guys,


of course I used the morning and once filmed the depot if it is in action. I hope you enjoy the video.





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Hey Guys :)


I now have the 5th Segment docked to make the transition, so I will now show the pictures;)


As you can see is still much to do, even small alterations, so I have the box which was located behind Godzilla and against a farmhouse and 4 small rice fields (are laid only place technically, of course, be incorporated yet) replaced. At the Raffenerie now a substation has found space for the Shinkansen line and the Main Line. New gravel I have the area also, I used a darker color gravel and age before they will even (you can see it still does not fit).


As a bonus I will give again a picture with 2 trains out can be seen:


- Series 50 000 Rapit - Nankai Airport Express

- Doraemon


both of MicroAce than 6 dividers







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Very nice.  The power line towers and substation are something I've been planning for my own layout (I already have the boxes sitting on a shelf awaiting time to assemble them).  It's a frequently-overlooked lineside detail, yet very common next to real tracks.

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Hey Guys :D


It was a week back on to Little Tokyo, and I must say I've done it a lot (could be more but may have little lazy to be sometimes: roll:).


So it was an important point that is scheduled at present: 2 expansion segments (on the left outgoing city segment)-Nagano Terminal Fright So a container terminal for container trains, and indicated docks, this plan follows the daily still.


So what happened?


- The left corner of the depot I have now closed with two small huts, I find the more appropriate to the depot as a huge office building.

-. Opposite I started the stage 1 of the refinery, so the bottom painted new building painted and assembled and placed the first lines (and even the first warning marks) There are 2 more towers, more leads and follow above all guard rails (better safe ;) )

- The track also got a new layer of gravel, and here I almost had a panic attack. (false-color or caught in the end it was so out of brushes, palette out and try - God has worked through the rescue So my Tip: rather not take the rare gravel is only once a year gets to the dealer :cry:

- For the depot was also 2 lattice floodlight (have to improve the transfer still wired, but that comes later), and 2 new lifts (here follow another 2 to 2 of the free tracks on the turntable.


In the city it was, unfortunately, as good on as nothing: (I have the ballast further pulled into the station and the town a little rescheduled expanded and with buildings, right now I'll wait until the new Carsystem of Tomytec arrives, because I have this will like to bring to the city. Otherwise, only a pedestrian crossing of Greenmax found its way to me.


I hope the pictures please :) you get this then the next few days :)










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It's really looking good! How do you like the Tomix turntable? And did your roundhouse sections come in two color schemes, or did you make them that way?


Rich K.

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Hi Rich,


The Tomix turntable is just great, fit the transitions and the power supply is 1A, one can identify the exits select good :)


The two colors of the engine shed comes from 2 different production series, the dark engine shed is about 5-6 years old, of Bright's latest out of production. I must go see if I have to repaint.


Patrick :)

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