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Construction thread on a Japanese layout (link)

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A German modeller who is active on the model railway section of the Drehscheibe Online forums has recently started a new Japanese outline layout, the construction of which he is showcasing here: Click.


The layout is to represent a Tokyo-style urban scenery with mixed traffic and bullets.

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The layout is to represent a Tokyo-style urban scenery with mixed traffic and bullets.


That's my kind of layout!  Very interesting to see how he's doing it with a mixture of passenger station and refinery.  I'll have to keep an eye on his progress.


Thanks for posting.

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o0o0o0o... I'll definitely fourth watching this thread as well ^_^ (yay machine translators~) Can't wait to see how he'll fill all that space up!

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This is my project and i am proud that other people are interested in it.


You can see more japanese modellrailroad at this layout:  http://www.drehscheibe-foren.de/foren/read.php?10,4483180,4483180#msg-4483180 or at this one that I'm building up http://www.drehscheibe-foren.de/foren/read.php?10,4353922,4353922#msg-4353922


If you desire I will report on this also in the future


Sorry for my bad English :crybaby2:


Ich finds echt genial das die Anlage auch hier anklang findet bzw der Bau mitverfolgt wird, das freut mich riesig das dass Intresse doch so groß ist :) Ich werds hier auch Vorstellen und auch in Englisch wenn gewünscht ;).


Endschuldigt auch für mein wirklich schlechtes englisch  :crybaby2:


best Regards / Liebe grüße


Patrick alias Shiniji alias Kamome-express :) from Germany

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Darren Jeffries



Willkommen bei JNS. Your layout looks like its going to be amazing. Please do keep us posted on any updates... and dont worry about the english, a lot of our members here are from countries where English is not their first language.

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Die Projekt ist toll. Und, mach dich kein Sorge. Wenn du den English nicht schaffen kan, könntest du auch im Deutsch schreiben. Oder, nur uns warnen dass ein neues Update bereit ist. Wir können auch online Übersetzungmachine benutzen.


Entschuldige für mein schlechtes Deutsch.




The project is cool. Don't worry. If can't do it in english, you can write in german. Or, you warn us when another Update is ready. We can still use a online translator.


Sorry for my broken german (maybe I should excuse myself for my english too).  :grin

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Trotzdem möchte ich euch warnen dass es ein englischsprachiges Forum ist und deswegen Englisch die fortzuziehende Sprache ist, also bitte auf Englisch weiter machen, trotz ein großes teil der Mitglieder es verstehen würde. Im voraus, vielen Dank.




However, I'd like to warn you that this forum is based on the English laguage and thus is English the language of choice, so please continue in such a matter, though a large part of our fellow members would understand it. Thank you :)


I'm also very interested in the progress! Keep us updated!

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Shinji, welcome! And your English seems just fine. I wouldn't worry about it.


I wonder if you wouldn't mind commenting on your track plan?

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Oh! I hadn't noticed that you were finally done with this layout. Good job! You don't have a video to share by any chance?


I'll move this thread in a more appropriate sub-forum.

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So, here the Reception of the Plan :)




The main part is constructed so that the main runway at the level 1 complete and can be extended.

- This can be expanded with an external staging yard at the rear of the system


The shinkansen line runs along the rear edge facility as the parade route will be extended at the turn of the segment on the left towards the bottom.


The current plan is glistening before, only the core, the segments will run in the years expanded to include more segments stretch and thematic segments.

We will drive with locomotives, trains and cars of all kinds, with the times then presented this way. There are also no limits put into rolling stock matters.



The development of the segments will be as follows:


the first 2 segments are left to be run as a city or town where the 3rd segment then only suburb and landscape is beginning.

2 segments, the right to really serve only to landscape with a little panda National Park is planned on the right-turn segment:)


I hope you understand it :)


Here are 2 videos, the first is a video from the controller, so curb and hit continue.

the 2nd 7 meters is a long train, but see themselves;)






Kind regards



P.S. perhaps we can decouple from it to make its own without Theard link or the key?


Edit: Thanks to disturbman :)

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So, if I understand you correctly, you will add a Shinkansen viaduct on the rear of the layout? Will you able to run trains on this route?


Man, this is going to looked quite cloged, welcome to Japan I guess!

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So the Shinkansen stretch run should be as close as on the map in blue, the gray stretch is used only for exhibitions the circle. ;)




Where is the Red Arrow is in the next year or more segments resulting set, which will be on a Shinkansen train station, so there the Shinkansen stretch continued:)


P.S. a little Godzilla was already cast * g *



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Ah... I too was wondering why the shinkansen track just ended in one of your pictures. What about the other shinkansen end opposite of the red arrow? Will you be building out in that direction as well?


Out of curiosity, and I might have missed it on the German forum, but what kinds/lengths of trains are you planning to run? So far I figure a 300 Series Shinkansen and some freight... ^^;;


And dont worry; your english is fine :) Looking forward to next update!

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So the Shinkansen test section is then diverted and as regal form on the background at along the circle, where the red is pfeil will continue writing as if in a year, the plant part with one of the city, shot with the new turn segment of the shinkansen;) as on the right side in the plan. Although I trasse the Shinkansen run directly on the left could turn segment, only then would again be a major conversion of distress when I expand.


Trains are used as well as all who are really Japanese. The bereicht length matching on the main line to the platform length is 2.20 meters, in which case shinkansen ride pieces 16 are and then get a train station with the corresponding surgical. I will be willed to set times when after a picture of geplantne trains;)


Thanks for the encouragement:) anyway my english is bad * laughs * I'll let me help of google: D

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here are the pictures of rolling stock. Some cars on trains and is still missing, the Shinkansen must also be collected ready yet: (but a small glance, it should already be.




p.s. Railroad tracks are in place to expand enough * g *








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Do I see two different versions of the 300-series? We know Tomix made one set. Who made the other set you have?

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yes, the 2nd shinkansen 300 is a conversion of mine which I made before about a year, before announcing his Tomix with monospar phantographs.


The doraemon car after 4 years I've finally search found: D I find it really funny: D


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Hi guys,


Once again something new from my Railway:


All currently suspended because my 2 new cats have been complete chaos on the plant (and earthquake are godzilla kids birthdays), however. I too must wait until the moment are the wood for the back wall, fiddle yard, and the legs.


To a question: In what later would you make the plant top? what would be there for dne austellung company use?


Thank you.




P.S. I sit down at my fair lighting, and buried hundreds of SMD LEDs * T_T *

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