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DCC Warning - Kato N-Scale GS4 Locomotive

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Guys I found the following on a webpage for Trackisde sales (a really good US supplier):




It reads:


February 22, 2008 Kato N-Scale GS4 Locomotive Warning


This notice was received today from our distributors. We will post more details as we receive them.


Dear Distributor,




While the GS4 operates well in DC mode, we understand there is an issue with the use of DCC in the GS4 locomotive.


To prevent damage to the locomotive and decoders, we ask that customers DO NOT install decoders in their locomotives and to NOT operate them on DCC until we announce a correction to this issue in the very near future.


We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of our customers.


We will resolve this issue in a timely and effective manner.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


Best regards,


Tadashi Nama

Asst. Vice President

Kato USA, Inc.

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This has recently been solved. It is nothing with the EM13 decoder itself, but rather something in the GS-4 loco was shorting the decoder. If you have a GS-4, contact Kato, as a fix is now available. If you are not using the GS-4 (and if you don't know, then you are not), then this is nothing to worry about.

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