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Motorized Fake Salmon Roe Project


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If you're not familiar with TGW they used to make a line of motorized sushi about 20 or so. These sushi pieces have long been out of production so I decided to make my own, My famous last words.


So where do I start, Pick out your favorite sushi roll mine is Salmon Roe. Everyone knows those delicious plates in restaurant windows aren't real that they're fake right well they are lol. There is an entire industry based around fake food so I went to Etsy and ordered a fake Salmon Roe roll. I ordered one and 3 weeks later it was in my hands lucky for me it was life-sized.


Getting the chassis was easy thanks to RG-ROKKO who had a TGW chassis to me in less than 4 days. Next was figuring out how to fit the chassis into the fake salmon roe roll. I have an assortment of drills like a Dremel and a Makita to drill holes into as well as Xacto knives and box cutters all were needed.


Why did I need all of those tools well the fake salmon roe was HARD I had to cut an opening in the salmon roe to fit the chassis into. I didn't realize how much effort would be needed to cut a hole in plastic but I was successful. I need to make a shell for the chassis so the salmon roe is not touching the wheels as TGW has one for their chassis. 


Salmon Roe Test Run


To be continued. 

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Nice! May smell after a bit… 😜  it does look very real!


when I did the first sushi train way way back I tried screwing jsut a truck under a few of the erasers to try it. But they were a tad unstable and I was going to need to rig some long couplers. In the end I liked the wagons as sort of looks like a moving sushi conveyor. I was tempted a bit with the tgw units when they were in sale, but I did not succumb…



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Thanks, It doesn't smell at all thank goodness. It is very realistic I know I've had my fair share of salmon roe lol.


That's a good idea to have a conveyor belt of sushi rolling down the track. I think drawbars would have been a good way to go if they weren't motorized. I was lucky that the shop even had any TGW units they sell out so fast. 

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Yes my test with the single trucks under each sushi I just used some copper wire to make long drawbars. But the long drawbars torqued the trucks some on curves and added to the truck wobble. Was not sure it would be a stable beast and didn’t like the look as much as on the small cars that look a bit like little sushi trays.



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46 minutes ago, Beaver said:

Hard to find outside Japan unfortunately........

bummer, it’s a staple here in the US at most all regular to nice sushi places.



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