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First and small layout project


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to build a small permanent layout before starting my project of building parts of the Tarumi Line. It is to see my trains running regularly and getting used to the smaller size of N-scale compared to H0.


The space I have to build a permanent layout is 50cm x 85 cm. It is not much but since I'm focussing on Tarumi Line and I found that the models are labeled that they can pass mini curves the radius can go down to R140. So Katos R183 should be doable as a minimal radius. For a bit more space I can temporarily add another segment of 30cm (which I expanded to 30.8 cm, like a standard T-Trak module). To get the additional space as more running space I thought about adding the temporary segment between the permanent layout instead of just expanding it. That means I will split the 50cm into 2 parts which makes it 2 segments of 25cm x 85cm.


My current plan is in the picture and I will explain my thoughts on it now:


The double track will be spaced so you can connect T-Trak module to the segments to expand it if I ever want to or have T-Track modules on hand.

The green areas would be only normal landscapes like grass, trees, and so on.
On the top right, you can see the platforms of a rural station with a bridge connecting them. For the station building I wanted to already start modeling one of the station buildings from the Tarumi line and the smallest was at Higashi-Ōgaki Station.

The colored part next to the station will become mostly residential buildings. I don't know if I will buy premade kits or go for some buildings you can find along the Tarumi Line here too.


I wanted to have a bit of a freight service too and chose cement as the freight which was handled on the line till 2005/2006. On the track section 5 the freight cars would be loaded with cement and unloaded on section 9 or 10. That is why the industry on the segment in the middle would be a concrete plant and on the bottom segment, it would be the cement manufacturing plant.


first Layout.jpg


Greeting Junech


-> The building of the layout can be found here.

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