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Not strictly N scale or a layout as such, but this guy's project has caught my eye in the YouTube algorithm and I can definitely see it being appealing to people on here: https://www.youtube.com/@TabletopRailroad


He is developing a new mini-module format based around Unitrack that seems like it could turn into a really neat standard





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Fun!  Gives very nice options for re-arranging the scenic hexes too.  Miniature waragmers have been using modular hexagon terrain tiles for decades. 

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Yeah, that’s where it surprises me it hasn’t really been done (or at least publicized) before. He does mention in the first video that table top gaming was a major influence. I dig it!

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Martijn Meerts

Looks really quite interesting. I do wonder if you can at least get some turnouts in there to make a siding for a 2-track station for example. Overall, I do think it looks more fun than T-Trak though 🙂


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Threw some Tomix math at hexagons and, given the limitations of set tracks, came up with two viable hexagon sizes that would fit Tomix geometry.


Short diagonal of 280mm with 243mm radius curve centered into the center of hexagon side. Some examples below, AnyRail file. Fits most basic geometry features. A little larger than the Kato one, however seems to be much more versatile.


Short diagonal of 387.5mm (280 + 72.5 + 35) with double track 317mm + 354mm radius curves centered into the center of hexagon side. Some examples below, AnyRail file. Another 100mm added to the short diagonal so the hexagon is quite large, but allows for even more features. The straights are little clunky but workable.



All other hexagons are much more clunky, some calculations are in the AnyRail file if interested.

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If you really want to go all the way with Tomix hexagons, you could design them to be controlled with these hexagonal control panel blocks:










These were (and still are) made by a company in Germany. I can't find the link to their website - thought I had saved it...


Rich K.

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Martijn Meerts

They posted another video with modules in 2 heights, which allows for multilevel running and tunnels and bridges and all that.


I have to say, I'm tempted to get some of these lasercut and use them for some H0e stuff 🙂


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