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JRM at the National Cherry Blossom Sakura Matsuri April 13 & 14, 2024


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Thanks Dillion! It was very fun and a good show to recharge my batteries on doing shows. After 20+ years of doing shows at times my energy flags on doing them.


sorry I didn’t do better pictures as I was busy much of the time talking to folks and keeping an eye on the layout. Also hard to shoot nice module picts with the crowds (don’t like muscling in for shots) and the lighting was half shade half bright sunlight!


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@cteno4 did any JR companies have booths this year?  It's been quite a few years since I came down for this event but I recall speaking with American and Japanese employees of JR East, iirc.  Was there a JR Central booth as well?

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The train companies don’t do a lot at the festival anymore. Unfortunately with the headquarters change from NYC to LA, JR East does not have a tent. Jr Central had a table in the big tourism tent, but little in the way of presentation other than a head car model of a 700s.and no mag lev demonstration. Gone are the great days of our tent being flanked by JR East and JR Central tents! We always joked we’re the neutral zone. JR East was always so wonderful to us. 



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Tony Galiani

Disappointed that I missed it - I had been thinking of going up there but ended up going to Paris instead.  (Flight to CDG or drive up I-95 and decided the flight would be easier!)  Glad you had a good show and still hoping to attend one of these days.



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