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The Introduction Thread...

Darren Jeffries

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Hello there!

I am new here and I would like to introduce myself. 

I am 55 years old, live in Germany near Munich and I am in the hobby since my childhood. Actually I am building my 00 scale British LMS layout, so my actual user name is Patriot Class, a LMS steam loco of the 1930's. But my next layout will be a contemporary japanese n scale layout with a long straight to show a Shinkansen at speed and lots of beautyful landscape. So I am collecting train sets and doing some prepartion works like inside lighting and populating the coaches with passengers, building some structures and figuring out ways, to have automated operation on my next n scale layout wthout going DCC.

I try to find ways to solve modeling projects the cheap way and so I am curious looking for clever ideas in comunities.


Looking forward to meet you here!


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Welcome Chris, glad you found us! I think you will find a lot of great folks here and conversations on modeling that will be useful and we look forward to your input and ideas.


keep us posted on your layout. When you are ready start a layout landing and layout construction topics on it.





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Hi Chris, wilkommen an Bord.


Hopefully you will find here the community you are looking for 🙂

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Greetings from CSRA!


I’m retired military (1970-1990) and recently moved to the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area). I recently restarted my interest in N scale model railroading and dove headfirst into Kato. My original N scale venture started in 1975 was Atlas steam locomotives, rolling stock and track. I still have my original Atlas items but I’m strictly a Kato DCC engineer now. I spent 4 years in Japan during the 70s and feel in love riding the train between Iwakuni and Hiroshima and traveling to Tokyo and Sasabo on the Bullet Train. I’m excited to have found this forum today and I look forward to exploring all its offerings!


All aboard,


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Welcome Steve


You'll find here a nice community. Meanwhile, do no hesitate to share the picture you shot in the 70' in Japan, there were plenty of really nice trains. 



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Welcome Steve, glad you have found our happy little place!


great you have restated your model railroading, it’s a hobby may folks keep coming back to. Start taking a look at all the different Japanese model trains and the huge variety of train scenes you can do with japan and it gets even more enticing! Many of the newer Kato Japanese trains are coming with drop in decoder slots, only issues is if it’s a emu or DMU set then you need light decoders for the directional lights in the end cars as well as a motor car decoder. Options are also appearing to drop in new light boards on some locos to deal with lighting and motor rewiring for dcc. Older trains need to be hand installed unfortunately as dcc has not cracked the Japanese market my much yet. Kato is the only Japanese manufacturer to start adding dcc slots for easy installation.


check out the forums, we have one for mainly DCC. Also as jr east noted always fun to see folks trip and train trips from japan, especially from back in the 70s.




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