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Tomix turnouts losing contact


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On my layout, I have a couple of Tomix turnouts that have become unreliable. Sometimes they work just fine, sometimes they don't fully switch, sometimes they move after being ok for a few passes of a train, and sometimes they just don't switch. All of turnouts are electrically triggered. Has anyone else had this problem and can anyone suggest a solution or an approach to a solution?


I have cleaned the tracks, swapped turnouts on the layout, but nothing seems to fix it. I am going nuts.

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So it’s location specific not turnout specific as you said you swapped out turnouts (hopefully with ones working fine elsewhere) and problem stayed in that location with new turnout!


location specific would maybe point to the power feeder for that point or the turnout controller.


have you tried connecting the cranky turnout/spot’s to a power feeder and turnout controller that was working fine elsewhere?


long shot would be track geometry there not being quite right and it twisting the point some, but I think that’s way out there.



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Thanks Jeff, 

I will try your suggestions and see what turns up.



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Check to make sure the switch motor is pushed all the way in.


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Thanks guys. I have checked all of these. Swapping controllers and turnout controls had no real effect and the motors were all fine. Tonight, though I noticed arcing in one spot near one of the turnouts as the loco passed that point. More investigation needed.

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I have decided to bite the bullet and change my layout. So far I haven’t had any problems and I kind of like the new layout better. Luckily I had not got to having the non-rail parts of the scenery etc permanently attached. In the end I think it was the rh turnout causing the problem. It is gone now.

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