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Tomix Wide Tram track elevated?

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Has anyone used the Tomix wide tram track in an elevated way?  Like maybe in a city layout elevated above the same type tram track below?   If so, could you show some pictures please.    Thanks,


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Never seen it done, but you could use an S140-37 Overhead bridge which is just a flat surface. You would need concrete piers Tomix 3048 to support the bridge.


Overhead Bridge S140-37 Tomix 3015



Concrete Piers Tomix 3048



An example of overhead bridge being used.  With Wide Tram I suspect there would not be room for platforms.


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Bill,  I was thinking of the TOMIX N scale Double-track elevated bridge piers 4 pieces set as the support.  That way I can still have a tram running underneath.  I know I can just put regular Tomix track on these but I wondered if anyone had used the wide track elevated.

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I don't think anyone would of. As there aren't any prototypical examples to copy.


Elevated tracks have always been slab tracks or ballast in spans.

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