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New trams for Keifuku Electric Railroad

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 Keifuku Electric Railroad has announced the purchase of 7 new tram cars with 1 car in 2024, 6 cars in total from 2025 to 2028.   Of the 27 electric passenger cars currently enrolled in Randen, 6 Mobo 101 and 1 301 will be replaced.


The nickname of the new train is "KYOTRAM". Based on Randen's image color of Kyoto purple, it has a simple design that blends into the scenery along the line. The curvilinear form on the front and back of the car body is said to be an homage to the characteristics of the old "streetcar" and "Randen" cars. The vehicles are characterized by further improvements in safety, security, and comfort, as well as barrier-free and multilingual support to create a user-friendly environment for everyone. "Nanoe X generator" is installed in the car. In addition, VVVF inverter control and regenerative braking have been introduced to reduce environmental impact. Compared to current resistance control vehicles, the power consumption per vehicle is expected to be about half.





Japanese language PDF press release:



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Interesting design.  Unique and retro but better thought out than the Eiden magic mirror car 🙂

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I can only hope the separating wall between the driver and the passengercompartment is fully opaque. Driving a car with a curbed windscreen can be rather annyoing, if there are light reflections in the screen. Therfore the windscreen tends to be shaped flat or, if curbed, to be tilted, so that light from behind the driver is diverted towards the floor and kept away from the driver's eyes. Luckily the most modern tramcars I drive date back to the 1960s and thus don't have rounded windscreens... 🙂

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