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Figures sitting cross legged on floor

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I have a couple of different old sets of sumo spectators from pro-hobby/Icom. Unfortunately Sakatsu is not continuing to make these. Has anyone seen 1/144-1/50 figures sitting cross legged on the floor? I’ve been knoodling how to cut figures off at the waste and make some folded wire legs, but would rather buy something pre-made as I have a long list of other projects to do and not into experimenting on this right now.






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I found Kato 24-224 at the Kato shop in Kyoto Station - thought that they were exactly what you are looking for but, when I did a net search, they are listed as sitting figures.  I thought my near vision was good but maybe not so much?  Anyway, from a distance maybe these would work.  I bought a set, and if they work for you, happy to pass them on.


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thanks! I’ll take them! May work. Looks like sitting figures that have had their legs cut off at the knees. They look like they are kneeling sitting on their heels. If you could ask at Sakatsu if they have anymore of the old sumo spectators lurking in the store, really appreciate it. They no longer show up on their website. It’s from the old prohobby/ICOM line they took over.


enjoy, hope the Kato store was fun!



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