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Access - Meitetsu 7000

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JR East



Looking to that video :




I realize how descending can be dangerous (look at 00:30 +). The train driver is really close to the line and in case of rain / extrem humid air, I'm sure something has been design to protect him as build-in safety. 



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Odakyu raised cabs were / are entered from inside the train.






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Having grown up on a ship and spent a lot of time on boats and ships, I would not consider this small few steps up very hazardous/dangerous. Yes something you have to be thinking about before and while you do the scramble it’s not a horrid safety issue IMHO. Crew seems well versed in doing the climb.



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Its probably no higher than climbing from the ground to the floor of a train.

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bikkuri bahn
7 hours ago, katoftw said:

Isn't that train very old and long retired?

Retired 2009.

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