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Hotel Metropolitan Saitama Shintoshin: ALFA-X (E956 type) railway model will be exhibited

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A railroad model of the ALFA-X (E956 type) Shinkansen train will be displayed along with seasonal decorations at the Hotel Metropoliotan Saitama Shintoshin.




ALFA-X (E956 type) with different designs for cars 1 and 10. Cars 1 and 10 will be displayed in 1/20 scale model.  


The actual top length of car No. 1 is 16m, and car No. 10 is 22m.


◇ Exhibition period: April 14 (Friday) to August 31 (Thursday), 2023

◇ Exhibition location: Hotel Metropolitan Saitama Shintoshin 5th floor cafe cross yard center table

◇ Exhibition model: ALFA-X (E956 type) Car 1 , Car No. 10 1/20 scale model

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