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Hong Kong KCR in N scale

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Here's a photo of my Hong Kong N scale layout I've put together, part of a T-Trak display exhibited in Melbourne, Australia recently.


Locomotive is a Del Prado DF4D static model running on a Kato SD-40 mechanism, train is a 6-car long set of 25T carriages by Kunter, "tong lau" buildings and Hong Kong buses are from the 1:150 scale range released by 80M Bus Model Shop over the years.


Right not I've only got a one "triple" length T-Trak module, currently building more to assemble a larger Hong Kong scene. Also on the way are more local locomotives and rolling stock!




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I'm in the Victorian N Scale Collective - we've got a few members doing T-Trak modules: https://www.vnsc.org.au/


The group is focused around modelling Australian prototype, but quite a few of us dabble in other prototypes on the side.

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Ha that’s how it starts! Also what’s fun with Ttrak, you can have a lot of variety. Have you ever run across the Australian Japanese Model Railway Group folks in the area?



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Yeah, I've seen them a number of times at various model railway exhibitors around Melbourne - I'm guessing they're also based here.

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After a busy month of work I managed to get some corner modules completed in time for the 2023 Easter Model Train Expo at Diamond Creek, allowing me to run a standalone Hong Kong themed T-Trak layout. One end feature the Beacon Hill Tunnel passing under the Kowloon Hills, the other I'm planning to include some village houses and one of the East Rail noise attenuation tunnels.



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