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Kato Unitram Starter Sets - the differences?


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I am from England and have some questions about the Kato Unitram Starter Sets that are available to me from local stockists:


-40-902 Unitram Starter Set Hiroden 1000 LRV 

-40-901 Unitram Starter Set Hiroshima Electric Railway 1000 Series 
-40-811 Unitram Unitrack Basic Set 


While I’m clear that 40-811 is just the track with no controller or tram, it’s less obvious to me reading the available spec the differences between 40-902 and 40-901 beyond a price difference?


Is one set significantly newer or better than the other and in what way (I’ve checked the specs but may have missed the key detail)?


To give some background, I don’t own any Kato Unitram at this stage and am looking for the best entry point.  I would value a newer more silent running tram over an older unit and also any significant extras included in the set.


I don’t have much room for a permanent display and quite fancy going for the residential look on a layout with maybe some quintessential Japanese scenery such as cherry blossom as a starter.


I’m new generally to the modelling hobby but have followed with much interest via YouTube what the possibilities are.  I think until I build up my crafting skills then I’m quite drawn in by Kato’s range of scenery, buildings and general n scale extras.


All that taken into account what would be your recommendations for a complete beginner to Kato Unitram?





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The 40-811 is the same size and without controller and tram as you said.


The 40-902 is a more compact set than the 40-901 without the expansion set.  It is 620mm x 496mm. 


"From this production, we will review the set composition of the starter set, remove the <40-820 Unitrack expansion set cityscape> equivalent and the background image from the set, and change the package to M1 size which is more compact than before."





The 40-901 is  a larger discontinued set.


This is the expansion set removed from the 40-901:  https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10123784

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Brilliant - thanks for this detailed reply.

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I’m in the UK too and have researched Unitram extensively and globally over the last two months.

Look to shops in Japan as they’re a lot cheaper than here, even with the postage added. 
Plaza Japan are slightly cheaper than Hobby Search but the latter normally gives more info and pics as well as converting prices to £. 
Be careful to check which track version you get as there are sets for Japan / UK and for North America as the Americans drive on the different side of the road 

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Thanks for this!


I’ve been fortunate enough to do some driving in the states in the past.


Once pulling out of one of their gas station/7-11 places at night, I forgot which side of the road I should have been on and had to perform a quick u-turn!

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Get what you can. This product lines is hard to come by. Also make sure

that your see it for yourself. There are a lot of online shop that lists it in stock but don't have it.

If its a local shop that has it then grab it.


Get the TV3 you can always use it.



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