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MicroACE lightboards ED76 9209 defect !


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2 hours ago, Yavianice said:

If it’s just the light you could theoretically solder a new light to it.


I think the same. What is actually broken that you need a new board?

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Thanks all for the info.

I need a new PCB 0,5mm thickness and the two points to solder the LED etc.


I hope you can see the picture !


Thanks Rainer

ED76 experiment.jpg
the first experiment ! One light on !

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I can't tell for sure from the picture but I´d check if the LED is broken. Maybe you just need a new one without replacing the whole PCB.

That light board looks pretty standard though, maybe someone with more knowledge of MA locos knows if there are replacements on the market.

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Thanks Yavaris Forge,


but I asked MTPlus .......MA dont sell this light board.

I drive my ED76 with only one light !!😃..........Rainer

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No, MA doesn't sell parts. There is a possibility to send trains back for repairs. But it's always difficult as a foreigner and I don't think they would have a spare for a model from 2002.

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