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bikkuri bahn

Last month our friend Ayokoi recorded the test run of rolling stock from Sotetsu and Toei on the soon to be opened (this March) Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Line, at Hiyoshi station, where the line begins its underground run. There has been a lot of news about this new line, too much to unpack now, but a posting sometime in the near future will cover run through patterns, schedules, etc.


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bikkuri bahn

Official Sotetsu video of a run from Shibuya to Nishiya, including the soon to be opened section between Hiyoshi and Hazawa Yokohama Kokudai.


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bikkuri bahn

Tokyu TV commercial with cooperation of Kansai railway operators promoting the new link and easier access to western Japan via shinkansen.


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bikkuri bahn
Posted (edited)

OK, so I'm finally getting around to describing the upcoming service patterns on the run-through services (starting in less than week).


Some caveats:

*I'm focusing on the Sotetsu side, rather than the Tokyu or Tobu side of the service

*description is of off-peak service pattern (approx. 11am to 4pm)

*there may be exceptions to destinations or starting points, I'm just describing the majority of services

*only the services running through Fukutoshin/Tobu Tojo Line, or Toei Mita Line, not the already in service run-through to JR


The pattern:

1 tph from Shonandai to Wako-shi

1 tph from Shonandai to Kawagoe-shi (Tobu Tojo Line)


2tph from Ebina to Nishi Takashimadaira (Toei Mita Line)


A few late evening trains extend to Shiki or Shinrin Koen, deep in Tobu Tojo Line territory. One service, 7442, leaves Shonandai at 9:10pm and arrives at Shinrin Koen at 12 midnight.  Quite a run making a big south to north sweep of the western end of the Kanto region.


The early rush hour locals from Kikuna will be history, presumably to free up pathings downline at Hiyoshi for trains off the Tokyu Shin-Yokohama line.


*Some people are wondering why Seibu is not participating in the run-through to Shin-Yokohama.  A couple reasons given are:

1. The Seibu Ikebukuro Line is at capacity, there are no pathings for additional run-through services

2. Seibu has already invested considerably in the services to Yokohama/Minato Mirai, and is not willing to give up those pathings to gain some for access to Shin-Yokohama


I am looking forward to checking out this route once it is in service, planning on riding it during the Golden Week holidays.  Especially interested in seeing how far the Toei Mita line stock gets into Sotetsu territory, I think one youtuber said that there even may be a few that make the run into Sotetsu's Yokohama terminal for mileage equalization (??, doubtful..).


*additional interesting tidbit:

On Sotetsu you can go to Kawagoe two different ways- via JR on an early morning service originating in Ebina, and more regularly via the Tokyu/Fukutoshin/Tobu Tojo Line originating in Shonandai. 

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addtl. trivia
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bikkuri bahn

Another Sotetsu channel video.  This time a micro drone tour of the Tokyu/Sotetsu Shin-Yokohama station:


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JR East

The pilot is really skilled or ..


Anyway, if all has really been filmed by a drone, I can imagine the number of RF relays for the remote control 


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On March 18th, 2023  the Sotetsu/Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Line (Sotetsu/Tokyu direct line) began operation.


Tetsudo-shimbin.com has a report including maps, photos and videos.   https://tetsudo-shimbun.com/article/topic/entry-3484.html


The moment the first train departs from the Sotetsu Tokyu direct line




Sneaking in before the opening of the Sotetsu Tokyu direct line & departing the first train



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