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Meitetsu 120th anniversary TV commercials

bikkuri bahn

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A couple of new TV cms from Meitetsu, commemorating its 120th anniversary with the slogan "connecting hearts, heading to tomorrow".  First cm is a short 1 minute spot emphasizing service and safety, the second an admittedly tropey animated feature emphasizing family, with the railway as the ever-present facilitator/setting (the private [mintetsu 民鉄] railway being the familiar local means of transport). Songs as always by Kazumasa Oda.



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I like how the animators included the details of the local station in the last scene (e.g.concrete block patterns and the refuge cubby, etc.), and the red train receding in the distance along a coastal community, very Aichi scene.


In the first video, the tetsu in me loved the inclusion of the brake compressor noise at 0:34, it's quintessentially Meitetsu.  Whoever did the sound on this spot must be a fan.

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