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Japanese Practice Suggestion


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This question spans both this forum and the Discord server, but after my post in the Maintenance Car Database thread, I wondered, has there ever been a suggestion for a Japanese practice section?  Such a section is present on both anime Discord servers I am part of, and since I’ve started learning Japanese, I am more conscious and eager to incorporate it as soon as possible into the hobby.  I’m sure a language-focused thread or sub-forum with a bent towards railroading would benefit many of us here, whether it’s as simple as asking about Japanese railroad terms and phrases, or full practice conversations about what we did on our layouts.

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We have this in tiny bits all over when questions come up on just about all the forums. But if you have say a bunch of RR related language things then fell free to set up a topic in the japan rail: news & discussion forum. Similar thing could be done on the Japanese n gauge general forum for maybe search terms in Japanese for usual things for searching supplier sites only in Japanese. Search terms for RR picts on google image search also would be helpful.

as for the discord, I would suggest doing a topic and trying to see if there are members interested in speaking Japanese on discord and try to se up a schedule with them and use the topic to announce when they may happen. I don’t know if our discord allows a sub room or not, been a long time since I’ve used it, maybe Martijn can see about that. But something like this always needs some one to run it with scheduling, announcements. participating, etc, so maybe tag you’re it! We are happy to try to assist if you need anything specific, so just contact staff and we can see what we could do.





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Apologies for the delay in response.  I think I could start a thread on the forum here as a Japanese dictionary of sorts, to which everyone can contribute.


My Discord know-how is very limited, but I’d be willing to help out however I can.  I’ll ask over there and see what kind of response I get.

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The dictionary topic would be good, especially for specific search terms for modeling and prototypes.


what works best in these situations is to start a topic (maybe one on modeling forum and one on prototype) and then as good terms/translations come up add them to a nice clean list in the first post of the topic. This leaves a nice quick reference and the rest of the topic for discussion and new suggestions to add. Takes a little work of you to follow the topic and add new bits (or corrections) to the lis in the first post but makes for a great reference then. Something like we have for books. We can then pin these in forums so folks can see the quick reference like this.


chat with martijn on discord stuff I think he is the master of our discord. I’ve not used it in a long time but I do have a vague memory you could do sub chats/channels with it. May even be a calendar/reminder system. If not then I would suggest you start a topic for the discord events so you can announce when they are and solicit feedback on scheduling (always a pain with a very international forum!)






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