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Common Problems with the Forum and their Fixes

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I’ll try to keep this first post updated with fixes for common issues on the forum. Yell if you have some to add!




Problem: Unread Content screen loading slowly

Fix: hit the “Mark Site as Read” button in the upper right of the Unread Content screen. Clears out old data and makes it zippy again!


Problem: Photo links automatically embedding in post

Fix: when you paste a link to a media file the forum software will want to auto embed it (which is against guidelines for do except for sites that allow embedding like YouTube, flicker, Twitter, etc). To get rid of the emended image and jsut show the link url, scroll down to the bottom of the image in the post editor until you see the black bar at the bottom and click on “Display as link instead”. Embed will go away and link url left there with hyperlink.


Problem: Need to edit the title of a topic

Fix: if you were the originator of the topic you can edit the topic title by editing the first post of the topic and you will see a Title field there to edit.


Problem: Need to delete post or move a topic you created

Fix: contact any of the staff or use the report button feature (in the … dropdown menu in the top right of each post) and we can fix it


Problem: Spam on the forum or in a Personal Message

Fix: Report it immediately using the … pulldown menu in the top right of the post or pm and staff will zap it and deal with the spammer harshly!

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