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New extended wagon


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Well, sort of a tool. Very handy wagon for shows and such to transport gear.


My new love I wish I had for the last 18 years of doing train shows! It’s an extended wagon (54”) that collapses very small! Short ones of these wagons but they could only carry a small amount of stuff. This longer one holds a lot! I added a cargo net so it could be piled pretty high. The canvas bucket bed and the soft large wheels really absorb vibration and bounces much better than smaller wheels on hard bed carts. I was able to easily pull it over larger bumps like door jams and such and even pulled it up vertically over a curb at one point when someone blocked the walkway with a trailer. Handle also extends so even with my long legs I don’t catch my heals on the wagon when pulling it along. Going to make life so much easier!


Show before we had our corner modules in their boxes jump off a card an go bam on their sides. Luckily only some easily re-glued parts knocked off. No more with this!






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