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Miniaturecar Shop Ikeda

maihama eki

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This is a long shot on seeing if anyone knows about this shop.


There was a shop near Nippori Station in Tokyo called Miniaturecar Shop Ikeda or Minicar Shop Ikeda. They were a regular advertiser in the back pages of RM Models magazine. They used to have a web site http://www.minicar.co.jp . That web site seems to be dead.


I wonder if they are a casualty of Covid.


I wanted to visit them the next time I was in Tokyo. Maybe not.

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It didn't take long to find the news.


In July 2021, the shop was suddenly closed due to sudden illness of the owner, Mr. Ikeda. Many people may have learned of the closure from the announcement on the website and physical store on July 8th. I learned later that Mr. Ikeda had collapsed on July 2nd.




Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ミニカーショップ-イケダ-574835475888440/


"Mini car shop Ikeda" operating company goes bankrupt



I found their website through the above post.


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