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US state sales tax collection


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Hobby Search just sent out a notice that as of Nov 1, 2022 they will be collecting sales tax for 17 US states now. They currently are:


California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin




Was bound to happen as states have been forcing other states to do this within the US more and more here. I expect shops to follow suit or if it’s too much of a pain and/or cost it could end up loosing some suppliers. It’s a mess of different sets of states having different thresholds on sales amount and/or transaction numbers. Lowest threshold for sales is $100k to collect, but many states have an additional trigger of just 100-200 transactions annually.





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Been happening to oz for 3 years.  HS was the first to apply taxes.  AA took a extra year to follow suit.  Both PJ and RGR do no apply taxes.  So worth shopping around once these taxes kick in.  Bonus for you USA guys though is that you can still send parcels to various states and no get taxes applied.  Got family in another state over?

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LOL,shipping costs w/in the US would greatly out way the 4-8% sales taxes around the us! 

im hoping the limits for collection stay where they are and I expect the little shops won’t have to collect US state sales taxes then and not cause them lots of paperwork and red tape that can kill little businesses.



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