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G scale equipment (brand new)

The Birmingham train spotter

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The Birmingham train spotter

Recently a close family friend contacted me about his uncle. His Uncle is huge into the model railway hobby but has had too reduce his collection of OO, O, N and G gauge trains. All of the unwanted items have been gifted too me! More too come but here was what I was given.







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Being intended to represent 1000mm (metre gauge), G is very close to 1067mm (3'6" gauge). Close enough to fudge.


There is indeed some Japanese G Scale but it's very rare and home made.


I think you could use the American outline stuff from this collection to model a very early Hokkaido railway based on the HTTK or suchlike. Only redecorating would be needed to make the models more or less represent imported American equipment of Meiji/Taisho days.

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