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'It was as if time had stood still.' Old Orient Express train cars recovered


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Spectacular interiors of rediscovered Orient Express carriages revealed


(CNN) — For years, several vintage Orient Express train carriages lay, forgotten, at a small railway station on the border between Poland and Belarus called Malaszwewicze.


One day in 2015, French railway fan Arthur Mettetal spotted the distinctive blue carriages in a YouTube video, kickstarting a journey across Europe to track down the lost trains.



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Funilly enough, when we decided to reopen the Figueira da Foz workshops in Portugal, and decided to send a plethora of stainless steel coaches to the local sheds, we found an old CIWL coach there that we had already written off as being scrapped.


How many like these are out there?

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The sad part is that having found untouched CIWL cars they promptly engaged a designer to replace the interiors (rather than, say, conserving and restoring). What you see now is a 2010s idea of a 1920s interior, rather than the real thing.

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