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Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster.


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Hello everyone,

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia USA.  I'm new to Japanese N-scale and after a few (too many?) beers I took the plunge and jumped in with both feet.  On Sept. 8th I found the Japan Plaza website and I made my first order: Tomix double viaduct sets 91079 and 91075 (elevated track and station), some rolling stock and two power units.  One week later, I made a second order for more track (Tomix 91074).  Yes, beer was involved here as well.


A little bit about me... I've been interested in model railroading all my life.   My father had a huge Lionel set-up as a kid and we dabbled in building layouts since I was a child (I'm nearly 50 now) however I've never had a layout of my own.  I intended on making a transition era HO set-up for my kids to enjoy however I just wasn't feeling it.   I had lived for 10 years in China and traveled all around Asia.  I absolutely loved the Japanese rail system and dense urban settings.  When I saw what the Japanese were doing in N-scale and the choice became obvious.


I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here on JNS Forum.  I've seen the pics that many of you have posted and I'll definitely be using them for inspiration. 


Thanks and have a great one. 

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Welcome Laowai, glad you found us. We look forward seeing more about your projects or your buys.

I have no idea if you have any interests in Chinese models, but you join us at an interesting moment for Chinese N scale. There has been a lot of movement on that market, with a new entrant and a lot of new models of great quality being released.

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Welcome Laowai! Glad you found our little asylum. 

ahh yes late night with beer, browser, and credit card can be bad (no I’ve never done that!). But luckily Japanese n scale is an excellent value, so you have solace there. Sounds like you are off to a good start. My start was a Kato double viaduct loop and station and a couple of shinkansens and it was all downhill from there! Japanese rail is so fun with the vast diversity of trains and scenes. Fun as you can dream up some whacky scene and find a prototype for it in japan.


keep us posted in your purchases and play. It’s a pretty friendly group here so feel free to ask questions and jump into conversations.





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@ disturbman,  I've seen a couple of the N-scale Chinese locomotives.   I'll probably visit that thread as well.  On a related topic, back in 2005ish, Backmann of Germany released a number of HO scale Chinese rolling stock.  I purchased as many as I could.  I know that I have a one or two steamers, and a few diesels (one of them is the 毛泽东号 i.e. the Chairman Mao model locomotive).  I'll look to dig them up and post some pics when I get the chance.


cteno4, nice to meet you.   I see your part of the Japan Rail Modelers of WDC.   It was you guys that are to blame for my new addiction.   I saw the Shin-Yukari layout on your page and it was all over for me. 

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@Laowai LOL! Yes at times we feel like drug pushers with he hobby! It does suck you in. Put your iPad in a different room when you crack a beer open and your wallet won’t scream as much. Lowering your inhibitions around Japanese model trains is a real disaster.


Marc of Shin Yukari is Madsing here on the forums and a very active member and very generous with his time to explains how he does his magic. He is super talented with both his EE and modeling along with just being a good egg.





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