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A long-time lurker here, regularly checking out the Japan Rail section. 
I've been interested in modeling most of my life(primarily wargames). But I'm super new to the whole n scale thing and to anything approaching a real layout, but just by lurking, I've picked up a lot from you knowledgeable folks!

Thanks for being so informative in your discussions!

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Welcome! Glad you’ve found the forums informative, that’s why we do this along with making a lot of great friendships and some fun interactions here. Please do join in!


from your wargaming experience you might find this article interesting written by one of the forum members who has a business making wargaming models and no space for a permanent layout. He adapted the wargaming scenery bits concept to fit with model buildings and just do temporary setups on a tablecloth with Unitrak. Kato Unitak and Tomix Finetrak super rugged track systems designed to securely snap together and meant to run on uneven surfaces, so perfect for temporary setups. This approach lets you start playing small with jsut some track and buildings and learn the scenery technique (you may have all of these skills already from your wargaming) in small bits to experiment. It also lets you play with different track and scenery layouts before locking things down in a permanent layout. Let’s you discover which things you like and hate so you can get the most out of a layout and the hobby.




keep us posted, hope we planted the model train bug in you, but beware there is no cure once infected!





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Welcome Oliviaf! 


We are a fun loving forum with alot of members who are very informed and willing to share their knowledge. Hope you have fun here discovering the beautiful world of hobby trains!

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