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Info on Kato Tokyo layout


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I came across this pic on this site some years ago and am trying to find more information about the layout. I believe it was at the Kato Tokyo store but in all of my visits there over many years (I used to live in Tokyo) I never saw it. The layout seems to be an adaptation of the Scenic Ridge layout. I am currently working on a plan that is adaptation of this, expanding the yard area to include a turntable and adding a hidden siding under the hill to store a train, but I'd love to know how big the model in the photo actually is. Does anyone have any  information on this layout?



Layout v8.jpg

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The proper name for is the Kato Hobby Center.  There is separate thread with a very good video focused on how to get there. It can be a bit tricky to find. Not sure if there are any threads on the layouts. Most Hobby Center videos are kind of eye candy.  


Kato has track plans on their web site. This layout may be on their website. Scroll down further for N scale.





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Looks like someone did a rendering of the track plan, but no Kato track parts. They say 1m X 1.5m, but it looks a bit bigger than that to me.




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FWIW this was my freelance interpretation from way back, board area is 180cm x 90cm, track is a mix of Kato (lower level) and Tomix (upper level).



kato-layout-interpretation-2014-11_01 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


(Those of a nervous disposition may spot an entire normal Tomix curve segment suspended by nothing other than the adjacent track pieces - it flexed downwards somewhat when a train passed over it but was surprisingly unproblematic)

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Thanks to all for the photos. In all of my visits to Hobby Centre Tokyo I never saw this layout, and I was a frequent visitor from 2007 until 2018.

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Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa

The layout used to be upstairs near the back of the building. On my most recent visit in May this year it was gone however.

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